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Seeing Olympians teach was something

It’s not every day that we as normal human beings get to hang around Olympic gold medalists.

Some 30 swimmers got the chance to learn from the best last Saturday in Poarch for the Mutual of Omaha’s Breakout! Swim Clinic.

Three Olympic gold medalists Jimmy Feigen, Breeja Larson and Rowdy Gaines spent approximately five hours teaching the participants techniques they’ll never forget.

Going into the photo assignment, I wasn’t really familiar with each swimmer.

When I got there, I instantly knew I had seen or heard them from the Olympics, more recently in the 2012 Olympics with Feigen and Larson.

Sitting there with my camera in hand, I did my best to capture the event after I had gotten there late.

I was quite distracted by what Feigen, Larson and Gaines were doing inside the environment they know so well.

Literally, every time they swam through the water, it looked like they were sea mammals gliding through the pool. Their feet were kicking and their strokes were pure.

Gaines did some freestyle by himself and every time his stroke hit the surface of the water, a loud “smack” would reverberate throughout the Linda Gail Parker Aquatic Center at the Poarch Creek Indian Recreation Department.

When the wet part of the clinic was done, the swimmers were treated to lunch, a question-and-answer portion and some autograph and picture time.

During the question-and-answer portion, I was amazed at what sort of questions the swimmers asked Larson, Feigen and Gaines.

Questions like their favorite part of swimming, what their favorite pool is and any nutritional advice were asked to the trio.

Throughout the time I was there, I debated with myself on whether or not to interview the medalists afterward. Now, if you’ve met me, you probably could tell that I am a little shy.

My shyness kind of took over when it came to the gold medalist swimmers, which is fine because the clinic wasn’t really about them. The clinic was about passing on helpful knowledge about swimming.

I was fortunate to have been able to go out to Poarch to take photos of the event, where Olympic royalty were present.