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Looking back: City of Atmore was featured in ‘Traveler’

Twenty-five years ago, in 1992, Dan Quayle’s name came up in an opinion poll in Atmore. It seems the majority of those people interviewed thought that Dan Quayle should be replaced by someone else to run on the ticket with President George Bush.

My guess is that some of you won’t even know who Dan Quayle is, but for those of us who have been around a while remember him well.

Apparently he and the president had some issues and did not agree on things as much as everyone thought they should.

A former Atmore resident was sentenced to life for the death of the Rev. Francis Craven.

The City of Atmore was featured in The Alabama Traveler, a tourist magazine.

The largest cable television operative in the country was to assume the management of Multivision in this area. New channels would be coming up and, of course, prices were bound to go up. That usually seems to happen.

A county truck driver was awarded $828,000, probably the largest out-of-court settlement at the time.

Time was flying by and once again residents of Atmore were getting ready for the celebration of William Station Day. One thing featured in The Alabama Traveler, was the opening of the train depot.

It was also to be featured at William Station Day. This was about the time that my husband was managing FoodFair in Atmore and he brought home a framed photograph of the depot as it looked with snow covering it. I still have that photo hanging on the wall in my house. I am so glad that the powers that be decided to build the small station in downtown Atmore.

On the other hand, there were a good number of people who were vocal about the building of a new landfill that was proposed for the area.

In 1992, South Alabama found itself in the path of another hurricane that was churning up the waters in the Gulf.

Hurricane Andrew has been the subject of many conversations in the past few weeks as we held our breaths and found ourselves sandwiched between Harvey and Irma. Andrew had the highways choked with people trying to get out of Florida and find empty motels.

There was a feature story in The Atmore Advance telling one young lady’s experience with Andrew. She often visited her grandparents who lived in Atmore and she told the story of being on vacation on Marathon Island in the Florida Keys. She and her family had to head north to the safety of Atmore.

Efforts were underway to send help to the storm battered areas in the pathway of Andrew.

I hate to see bad things happen to people, but one thing I have noticed. The good comes out of people in these types of disasters. We, down here in the south, have seen enough hurricane destruction to make us willing and able to help someone else less fortunate. Next time it could be happening to us.

Efforts were underway to help those who needed it. A group of the United Southeastern Tribe of which the Creeks are also numbered were doing their part to help their fellow tribe members.

Last, but not least, was the story of a deer on the rampage plunging through a window in Atmore Vision Center. The deer ran around looking for a way out. Someone finally opened the door and the deer ran away.

This reminded me of an incident like that which happened in one of Brewton’s shopping centers a few years back. A deer came through the front window and had people running everywhere. Finally someone opened the back door and he took the opportunity to flee to the woods.