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‘Santa’ event was fun, many shopped

The weather was perfect.

The Christmas lights were shining.

The city was buzzing with activity.

Last week’s Santa on Main event on Dec. 14 was a big success. The annual event, which brings residents from the city and the surrounding area downtown to shop in local stores, was postponed originally because of bad weather.

As I made my way up and down Main Street in Atmore, I couldn’t help but smile at all I saw.

From the pictures with Santa Claus in the alley, the horse and carriage ride and seeing small business owners cater to customers, it was a site to behold.

Frequently while walking, people asked whether or not there was a big turnout. All I could say was the there were people here and there.

Truly, area residents visited the shops, as they were either buying last-minute Christmas gifts or just something for themselves.

In each business that stayed open, refreshments greeted the customers. At the Strand Theatre, Pepsi and popcorn were available; at Carl’s Tot Shop, cookies and other delicious treats begged to be eaten; and at the Yellow Garden, hot cocoa, along with other appetizers, were served, to name a few. Additionally, down Ridgeley Street, Pepsi had a concession stand and shop windows were aglow with warmth.

The event, which was sponsored by the Atmore Area Chamber of Commerce, was the warm up to the end of the holiday events in the city.

Last Friday, Atmore Realty and Baldwin Realty Brokers held a business after hours at The Club.

From what I can tell, people gathered for some dancing, music and good food, and a good time was had by all present.

Yes, even though the busy-ness of the holiday is about to end, once Christmas begins, in a short five days, I might add, let’s slow down and reflect on the season and try to emulate that feeling in the near future.