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Colder weather slated for Sunday

Atmore and area residents don’t forget your booties as temperatures are slated to drop below freezing this weekend, according to the National Weather Service.

The weather is forecasted to clear up tomorrow with a high of 55 degrees. The low is going to be 37 degrees.

By Saturday, the high will reach 59 degrees with a low of 38 degrees.

The coldest weather will occur here on Sunday, as a 40 percent chance of rain will be accompanied by a low of 29 degrees that night.

The New Year’s Day weather is slated to be cold again with a high of 41 degrees.

Here are some cold weather preparedness tips from the NWS:

The primary concerns at home and work are loss of heat, power, phone service and a shortage of supplies (if winter storm conditions last for more than a day).

1. Plan ahead and have a winter weather kit available. Suggestions:
flashlight and extra batteries
battery-powered NOAA Weather Radio or portable AM/FM radio
extra food and water (high energy food such as dried fruit or nuts and granola bars)
extra medicine and baby items
first-aid supplies
heating fuel
fire extinguisher and smoke alarm

2. Make sure pets have plenty of food, water and shelter during the storm.

3. Make sure pipes are properly insulated and leave cabinet doors open around pipes to ensure they receive warmth.

4. Close off unneeded rooms and place towels or rags in any cracks under the doors.

5. Let faucets drip to prevent freezing water from causing pipes to burst.

6. DO NOT use candles if the electricity goes out since these can become a fire hazard.

7. Learn how to properly use emergency heating sources (e.g. fireplace, wood stove, space heater) to prevent a fire.
Make sure the heating sources are ventilated!