Boy it’s cold out there, stay warm

Published 12:01 am Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Boy, it’s cold out there.

That’s a common saying in the area as temperatures dropped down to the 20s and didn’t rise above 50 over the last week or so.

The cold is a welcome respite, in my opinion, because we live in such a mild climate.

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Yes, it gets hotter than you know what here and it rains a sure amount.

Why not embrace the cold weather?

As I was talking to someone about a story, we talked a little bit about the weather in passing.

“I’m ready for the cold weather to go away,” the person said.

And without thinking about it, I said, “Me, too. It seems that Old Man Winter isn’t done, yet.”

I probably should’ve said, “Why? Embrace the cold weather now because by summer time, you’ll be begging for cooler air.”

I know I always do because the hot doesn’t agree with this guy.

The reason why I’m writing about the cold weather is not only because it’s been cold here in the last few days, but I watched an NFL playoff game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, and wow, did it look cold.

Every player’s breath could be seen on the HD screen of my father’s TV.

“Man, that looks cold,” I said to my father.

“You know it,” he said.

Then, I started thinking about how it would feel to play football in cold weather.

Players have done this for years.

Now, I’ve covered many games in the cold, and I’ve always been told that players get warm pretty quickly because they’re moving about so much.

But, as a professional, it’s got to hurt a lot to get hit by a 200-to-300-pound linebacker or running back in the dead cold.

I can’t imagine what the feeling would be like, and I am in no hurry to do so.

So, embrace the cold weather because it’ll soon turn into comfortable weather as spring rears its head.

Then, the treacherous heat is going to make its presence known, and you all know what that means — you’ll be begging for cooler weather.