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Looking Back: 50 years ago, Mims spoke at FBC

In 1968, fifty years ago, Lambert C. Mims, mayor of Mobile, was to speak at the First Baptist Church at the Baptist Men’s Breakfast and the Morning Worship service.

It seems as if is was only yesterday that I remember hearing about things going on in Mobile and his name as being the mayor. But I guess, 50 years is not as long as I thought.

Ken Curtis was to be the featured entertainment at the 11th Annual Southeastern Livestock Exposition Rodeo to be held in Montgomery. Now if you don’t know who Ken Curtis was, do you remember someone by the name of Festus Haggen? Festus was Ken Curtis and he was the sidekick to “Gunsmoke” sheriff, Matt Dillon.

Piggly Wiggly had catsup for 14 cents a 14 ounce bottle and ham for 38 cents a pound. Kwik Chek had sirloin steak for 89 cents a pound and A&P had blueberry pie for 49 cents and fryers for 29 cents a pound.  Watson Hardware had a Westinghouse stove for $219.95 and a refrigerator/freezer for $369.95.

These all seemed like good buys.

Cucumber growers were to meet to discuss ways to increase production. In 1967 cucumbers worth $94,000 were grown.

Did you know that cucumbers were such a big crop in this area? I didn’t know. I wonder if people still grow them to be shipped.

Oris E. Davis was running for mayor of Atmore for re-election. The pages of most of the newspapers of the time were full of people running for one office or another.

In Flomaton the valedictorian and salutatorian were named for the school year. The valedictorian was Lane Mosley and the salutatorian was Dianne Holt. It seems that the two were named rather early. Nowadays we don’t know who the val and sal are until the end of school

Vietnam veteran Pfc Allan T. Merritt IV died in Vienam serving with the U.S. Marines.

The Greenlawn Hospital auxiliary members were honored for their service.

Dr. Frank Rose, president of the University of Alabama was to be the principal speaker at the annual meeting of the Escambia County Alumni Association of the University of Alabama.