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New PCCC is a fantastic, big space

“This is great!”

That was a common phrase I used as I walked through the Poarch Creek Indians’ Poarch Creek Community Center on March 1.

The PCCC opened officially last week, and a ribbon cutting was held as a part of the celebration.

During the tour, members of the media, along with a host of other visitors, were shown the grounds of Poarch’s newest addition.

As we walked through every section, which included the new Boys and Girls Club home, educational wings, the cultural department, the teen center and more, I found myself “oooo-ing and ahhhh-ing” during the tour.

Since I’ve been here almost three years, I’ve always found that the Indians, when they build something, they do it right.

With the PCCC, they hit another nail on the head because its architecture was spot on.

I found myself looking at the building’s shape and what each room looked like more than anything else.

When the day was over, I looked at how many steps I had taken during the tour time period.

There were a lot of steps taken, let me just say.

Luckily, I had bought a new pair of sneakers (shoes for those who aren’t up with the lingo. Haha!) and this was a good day to break them in.

They held up nicely and even though I was a little worn out, I was thankful to have them on my feet.

Yeah, the new PCCC building is a great addition to the Poarch Community, and I look forward to going out there to cover events and what not.

I’ve already made a mental list of stories to be sure to write as the year moves forward.