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Nolan’s fantastic, hope he never changes

Cruising down Interstate 65 on Sunday, I couldn’t help but smile because of the weekend I had just completed.

Last weekend, this editor ventured to Montgomery, where I celebrated one of my best friend’s, Russell, birthdays.

For the occasion, we watched the entire film run of director Christopher Nolan. We watched his entire film catalogue except for his Batman Trilogy.

The list of movies includes “Memento,” “Insomnia,” “The Prestige,” “Inception,” “Interstellar” and “Dunkirk.”

Many of these films I hadn’t seen in quite a while, but it was so cool to revisit them again and see how much Nolan has grown in his writing and directing careers.

I mean, he’s only 47.

My friend and I were discussing a little bit about the fact that he’s putting out incredible movies at such a young age.

I asked how old he was, and we guessed in his 50s. As I went to bed Saturday night, I looked on a favorite film website and confirmed Nolan’s age.

On Sunday afternoon, I mentioned this piece of information to my friend, and he noted that Nolan may not have hit his peak yet.

My eyes lit up because I realized that we haven’t gotten there, yet, too and I’d be interested in seeing what his best is.

As we talked over breakfast Sunday and before watching the final film of the weekend, Russell mentioned that Nolan needs to just keep creating original films and go from there. I agree because most of his films are written by Nolan or his brother, Jonathan.

Both have excellent imaginations and contribute so much to the film universe. I can’t wait to see what they have in their cameras in the future for us to see.

As the weekend wrapped up, I found myself not wanting to watch anything else but Nolan movies.

Now that we’ve accomplished the feat of his non-Batman films, I think it may be time to watch the Batman trilogy once more and revel in the glory that is Nolan.