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First-ever women’s wrestling match held in Atmore July 20

Regan Fire beat Lexi Gomez The Unbreakable during the first-ever women’s wrestling match at Atmore’s Main Event on July 20.

Regan Fire and Gomez went back and forth during the co-main event battle, showing their unique wrestling style to the crowd.

Fire pinned Gomez near the ropes for the win.

In other action, Marcus Gibbs defeated Zach Mosley in the main event of the night.

Before the match, General Manager Cameron Murphy said the stipulation was if Mosley lost, he’d have to wear a dress. Additionally, if Mosley won, he’d claim the AME Light Heavyweight title.

After dawning the dress, Mosley clocked the show’s camera man.

Because of his actions, Mosley will be fined, AME Owner Danny Rolin announced during the show.

In other action, Eric Adams and Atmore’s Cleveland “Downtown” Biggs finished in a time limit draw; Chick Donovan and Chris Ace defeated Emerald Empire in a tag match; Jason Dugan of Brothers in Arms retained his title in a singles match; and Big Sean Sims bean Justin “Moon Dog” in the show’s opener.

AME’s next show, Superstars Showdown, will be held Sat., Aug. 3, and will feature former WCW superstars Johnny Swinger and Buff Bagwell.

Tickets start at $12. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. with bell time at 7.