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Walking can be therapy

Walking has become a favorite of mine as of late.

With the extra time that’s on my hands, I’ve made it a priority to practice the medium a few times each week.

During a recent walk, I noticed there were a lot of dogs on my route.

Of course, they let me know that they were there with their loud or soft barks, even those from far off.

As I made my way down the road near where I live, I came upon a clearing just down from Tom Byrne Park.

I walked for about two-tenths (I’m guessing) when all of a sudden a large golden lab starting running and barking toward me.

I got a little nervous and scared, to be honest, and held out my hands saying, “Hey, I’m not going to harm you.”

Of course, the dog slowed his run and after a quick sniff of my hand, wanted me to pet him/her.

The dog even held out his paw for me to keep going.

I petting the dog for a few minutes and talked to it, hoping they had had a good day.

After a few more minutes, I bid the dog adeu and went on my way.

I smiled as I continued my walk because a somewhat scary situation turned into one of love.

As I made my way back toward where I live, I thought, “where’s my dog?”

Then, I continued on my way.