TV cooking at its best

Published 10:15 am Wednesday, May 27, 2020

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“Bon appétit!”

There is nothing like, to me, the time spent watching a chef display his or her culinary skills on TV.

Growing up, I remember watching Julia Childs doing what she did best with as much butter as is acceptable.

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It was this early-learning curve that I took in on a daily basis that may have contributed to my desire to cook at a young age.

I remember at 8 years old making cheese omelets, and other things. I remember making banana bread, peanut butter cookies, cooking dinners for mom and dad and the like later in my adolescent years.

It was about this time, during my mid teens if memory serves, that Emeril Lagasse became a TV sensation with his “Bam!” and “kicking it up a notch!” catch phrases.

I adored watching him cook and entertain the hungry crowd that frothed at the mouth, desiring for just a taste of his cooking.

Fast forward to today.

The other day I was watching a popuar YouTube channel called “Glen & Friends Cooking,” formerly known as Le Gourmet TV, a Canadian-based cooking blog.

In the YT series, it features Glen cooking different recipes, cocktails and other delights.

Last weekend, as I was winding the week down, I watched him brew beer.

Well, that inpsired me to purchase beer-making ingredients. Some years back, my brother gifted me a beer-making kit, and admittedly, I only tried it once. I failed the first tiem, but I’m anxious to brew another batch.

As I gleamed from Glen and his show, the beer may not turn out right, but it doesn’t matter.

Just have fun, which I plan on doing.