EA boys win track meet; girls finish 3rd

Published 2:26 pm Thursday, April 8, 2021

Escambia Academy’s boys and girls track and field teams finished in the top five of their last home meet on April 6.

The boys finished first with 215 points. Bessemer Academy finished second with 101 points.

The Lady Cougars finished third with 79 points. The Lakeside School finished first with 108 points.

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The top three finishers from each category by gender are below:


• Triple jump – Davondre Cobb, Abbeville Christian; Landon Sims, EA; and Bubba Nettles, EA

• High jump – Jackson Blalock, AC; DJ Williams, AC; and TJ Riley, EA

• Long jump – Cobb, AC; Josh Spruill, EA; and Nettles, EA

• Discus – Joseph Benton, Edgewood Academy; Hunter Smith, EA; and Drew Hansen, Edgewood

• Shot put – Trenton Glass, Sparta; Hansen, Edgewood; and Brock Carlisle, Clarke Prep

• 4×200-meter relay – Devin Kelly, Sims, Maliki Haynes and Smith, EA; Romeo Allen, JuJu Curry, Ness Smith and Payne Smith, Wilcox; and Blair Hanks, Bryson Pate, Jesse Anderson and Parker Spears, Sparta

• 4×800-meter relay – Jack Alford, Chase Jones, Da’Shaun Rodgers and Slade Hines, Wilcox; Tyler Ray-Cloud, Sam Fields, Parker Robinson and Daughtry McGhee, EA; and Bessemer Academy

• 4×100-meter relay – Kelly, Sims and Spruill, EA; Rashun Upshaw, Darian Smith, I’Leek Quinn and Tyler Culpepper, Lakeside; and Romeo Allen, Curry, N. Smith and P. Smith, Wilcox

• 110-meter hurdles – Spruill, EA; Fields, EA; and Caleb Davis, EA

• 100-meter dash – Cobb, AC; KC Harrison, BA; and Kelly, EA

• 1600-meter run – Dylan Andrews, BA; Haven Thompson, Tuscaloosa Academy; and McGhee, EA

• 400-meter dash – Nettles, EA; Les Johnson, Wilcox; and Antavious Jackson, Valiant Cross

• 300-meter hurdles – Spruill, EA; KC Harrison, BA; and Fields, EA

• 800-meter run – Ray-Cloud, EA; Dylan Andrews, BA; and JT Davis, BA

• 200-meter dash – Harrison, BA; Nettles, EA; and Kelly, EA

• 3200-meter run – Miller Lambert, Wilcox; Brian Patterson, BA; and John Williams Duffy, TA

• 4×400-meter relay – Banks Academy; Smith, Sims, Ray-Cloud and Haynes, EA; and BA


• Triple jump – Bellan Ensor, BA; Gaddy Utsey, Patrician; and Rachel Harris, TA

• High jump – Zoe Coon, Fort Dale; Addison Smith, Wilcox; and Laura Beth Horne, Lakeside

• Long jump – Courtney Easlick, Springwood; Emily Hartley, FDA; and LaKrystal Turner, EA

• Discus – Kayle Jay, EA; Mary C. Cooper, Wilcox; and Anna Stanley, Lakeside

• Shot put – Hope Nelson, Lowndes; Madisen Phillips, Clarke Prep; and Jay, EA

• 4×200-meter relay – Hannah Buchan, Rebecca Neville, Sarah Murph and Brooke Mitchell, Lakeside; Delilah Brossett, Bryline Dailey, Madelyn Dailey and Olivia Hartley, Jackson; and Addison Smith, Emily Swanner, Callyn Falkenberry and Lochlyn Decker, Wilcox

• 4×800-meter relay – Fiona Kolbmann, Bebe Huffaker and Brennan Young, TA; Copelyn Vick, Lilly Trexler, Avery Falkenberry and Lottie Crabtree, Wilcox

• 4×100-meter relay – Kate Turner, Caroline Hartley, Zoe Coon and Emily Hartley, FDA; Jalyn Copeland, Rachel Harris, Anna C. Proctor and Gloria Wimberly, TA; and Hannah Buchan, Laura Beth Horne, Rebecca Neville and Graylin Pomeroy, Lakeside

• 100-meter hurdles – Tava Johnson, EA; LaKrystal Turner, EA; and Julianna Bloch, BA

• 100-meter dash – Laura Beth Horne, Lakeside; Ty’Keila Chambers, Government; and Courtney Easlick, Springwood

• 1600-meter run – Chloe Helms, Lakeside; Lottie Crabtree, Wilcox; and Brennan Young, TA

• 400-meter dash – Rachel Harris, TA; Savannah McDonald, BA; and Sarah Murph, Lakeside

• 300-meter hurdles – Emily Hartley, FDA; Johnson, EA; and Sarah Murph, Lakeside

• 800-meter run – Helms, Lakeside; Bella Bradley, BA; and Emily Nix, Lakeside

• 200-meter dash – Chambers, Government; Kayleigh Jones, Jackson; and Jalyn Copeland, TA

• 3200-meter run – Nora Lynch, TA; Sophie Seaborn, Lakeside; and Bradford Harrell, Jackson

• 4×400-meter relay – Harris, Huffaker, Roberts and Young, TA; Brooke Mitchell, Helms, Murph and Seaborn, Lakeside; and Johnson, Anna Chesley Robinson, Jay and Disha Patel, EA