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Fall season in Atmore brings warmth, calm

Over the weekend, something to stood out.

As I made my usual – as of late – walk downtown, I spotted something I have missed – the fall sunset glow.

The glow as prevalent as ever off of the cilos near Atmore Truckers and just down from Atmore Garden Center, and it shown a lovely hugh.

As you probably can guess, my favorite time of the year is the fall.

The temperature dips a little and the familiar hughes of orange, browns, dark reds, yellows and more come out to liven the town up.

Atmore is lovely during the fall. I highly suggest a walk downtown to see what the fuss is all about.

And did I mention walking downtown at night.

If you can block out the constant traffic that flows on Main Street – believe me, it’s not hard to – you’ll notice a different aura the city exudes.

It’s like a different character all together.

The other night, I was walking south down the sidewalk and had a thought – the city under the canopy of light is different than when it’s under the stars.

That’s a good thing.

I like the varying characteristics of each.

Under the sun, the city glows bright. Under the stars and sodium street lights, the city gives off a warm welcome.

Pretty soon, the fall colors will change to the familiar colors of the holiday season.

When the season gets in full-on busy mode, stop a few seconds and remember the that which is the fall season.