Robbery cases remain open

Published 7:32pm Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Two recent robberies in Atmore are still under investigation by police and Drug Task Force Agent Scott Walden is asking for the public’s continued help in solving both crimes.

“We’re still running into dead ends,” Walden said. “We’re following up on the leads and if anyone has any information, we want to encourage them to call in.”

The suspects being searched for are responsible for two crimes, although Walden said he does not believe the robberies are related.

The first robbery occurred at the Kangaroo Express gas station on west Nashville Avenue Sunday, April 28 at approximately 2:39 a.m. when an unknown assailant or assailants stole an unspecified amount of cash while brandishing a gun. Police said a dog tracking team was dispatched by the Alabama

Department of Corrections, but lost the scent of the suspects at a nearby park just off Wilson Avenue.  Walden said investigators are continuing to look into the matter, including studying video surveillance tapes of the robbery. The incident is the third armed robbery that has taken place at the gas station since 2010.

In what investigators believe to be an unrelated incident, a man was robbed of his wallet and cell phone at gunpoint while working on a home on Fourth Avenue Tuesday, April 30. Walden said the victim of the robbery reported a white male who approached him on foot and brandished a weapon. According to information from the Atmore Police Department, the suspect, who was approximately 5’10”, 175 pounds and between the ages of 19 and 25, entered the home at 207 Fourth Avenue, where he robbed the victim and fled through a side door, heading east on foot.

Officers with Atmore Police Department quickly detained a suspect on a nearby road, but were forced to release him after a search of his home led to no evidence he was involved with the robbery.

Walden is asking that any information on either crime be shared with police by calling Atmore Police Department at (251) 368-9141.

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