City lists grass, weed nuisances

Published 6:34am Wednesday, May 15, 2013

During Monday’s Atmore City Council meeting the latest list of properties posing a grass and weeds nuisance were released and the owners of the lots now have 19 days to alleviate the problem before the city steps.

City Inspector Greg Vaughn said a total of 36 properties will receive a formal notice to remove the nuisance in the allotted time before city workers will take action with costs going to the properties’ owners. Vaughn said 55 properties were originally on the list, but 19 of those lots have been corrected by the owners.

Those properties remaining in violation of the city’s ordinance include: 153 4th Street; 319 4th Street; 239 Adams Street; a lot on Brown Street; 154 Bullard Street; 156 Bullard Street; a lot on Carver Avenue; 501 Craig Street; a lot on Curtis Street; 203 Forest Drive; 203 Franklin Street; 205 Franklin Street; 212 Franklin Street; 114 Harris Street; 139 Harris Street; a lot on Hollis Street; 208 Laurel Street; a lot on Liberty Street; 135 Liberty Street; 174 Liberty Street; a lot on Lindberg Avenue; 116 Maple Street; 211 Martin Luther King Drive; 1111 1st Avenue; a lot on Montgomery Street; 161 Moseley Street; 608 Perch Street; a lot on Presley Street; 1129 S. Presley Street; 114 Short Street; a lot on Swift Street; 159 Triumph Street; a lot on Wilson Avenue; 105 Wilson Avenue.

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