Perdido man jailed for drugs, burglary tools

Published 12:27 pm Saturday, June 12, 2010

A traffic stop June 6 resulted in a Perdido man being arrested after an Escambia County Sheriff’s deputy discovered drug paraphernalia and burglary tools in his truck.

Daryl Bryars, 40, of Perdido, was arrested and charged with unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia and burglary tools.

Escambia County Chief Deputy Mike Lambert said tools typically used in burglaries were found in the vehicle Bryars was driving on U.S. 31 South in the vicinity of Mr. Green Jeans’ store.

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“Officer Mike Sanderson initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle and discovered the items that resulted in the arrest of Mr. Bryars,” Lambert said. “We have reason to believe there were other items in the vehicle that may have been stolen.”

Lambert said an air conditioning unit was found on the back of the truck that officers believed might have been stolen.

“When our officer noticed the unit on the truck it appeared to be recently taken from somewhere,” Lambert said. “The wires looked as if they had been freshly cut and other evidence indicated the unit may have been operated just a short time before being placed in the vehicle.”

Lambert said Bryars was traveling north on U.S. 31 toward Atmore at the time of the traffic stop.

“He appeared to be coming in from Baldwin County toward the Atmore area,”

Lambert said. “We have been trying to match the unit found in the vehicle with any reports of stolen units, but have not made an identification in that case.”

Lambert said Baldwin County law enforcement officials were assisting in the case as well.

“We have had reports that an air conditioning unit was stolen from Sardis

Baptist Church recently,” Lambert said. “The unit in the possession of Mr. Bryars did not match the description of the unit taken from Sardis Baptist Church.”

Lambert said the unit stolen from Sardis Baptist Church was taken sometime between Wednesday, June 2 and Sunday morning, June 6. He said churches and other such facilities should be aware of this type of activity.

“Any church or other building that isn’t frequented or used daily should be aware of this kind of thing happening,” Lambert said. “If folks go to church on Wednesday night and don’t go back until Sunday, thieves have time to get to those things and they won’t be missed for a couple of days.”

Lambert said companies do make attachments that can be placed on outside air conditioning units to prevent theft.

“With the cost of scrap metal, including copper, going up these days this type of thing is happening more and more often,” Lambert said. “It would be beneficial for folks to check into the covers made to help prevent theft of the units.”

Lambert also said home construction sites are also prime targets for thieves looking to steal.

“Any where there is construction there is a potential for this same kind of activity,” Lambert said. “These kinds of places are easy targets for burglars. Any place that has units out of sight or a place people don’t frequent stands a chance of being hit.”

Lambert said anyone with information concerning the stolen air conditioning unit from Sardis Baptist Church or any other location should contact the Escambia County Sheriff’s Department at 809-0741.