New coach’s show kicks off Thursday

Published 9:38 am Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Thursday night will mark the 2010 debut of a coach’s show on Legends 105.1 WPFL hosted by Lou Vickery at the Alabama Wing House in Atmore.

The show, which at this time will feature five coaches, will give insight on area teams from the men who lead them onto the football field every Friday night.

Vickery said the coach’s show is something he has always had a heart for.

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“When I came back to South Alabama and got into radio, the first thing that I did was start a coach’s show,” Vickery said. “I think it’s important for coaches to get exposure for their teams, and I think it’s important to have as many coaches as possible involved.”

In terms of exposure, the show will give each coach a certain timeslot to tell the listening community about their team and what they will be doing this season.

Vickery said he thinks that the teams will receive great exposure with a strong base of listeners out there.

“The fact that we have a great listener base is something that will get the coaches out there,” Vickery said. “I think if we spread the word that a specific coach is speaking at a certain timeslot then people will be interested in what he has to say and tune in. Now if they are 0-7 going into the eighth week of the season that might not be true, but I think that we are going to have some area teams that are in good shape. I think ECHS will be an unknown right now, but it will be interesting to see how they do.”

One coach involved in the show hopes participation is strong.

Escambia County Blue Devils head coach Mark Heaton said he thinks the show will be fun for everyone involved.

“I hope that it does really well,” Heaton said. “I want it to have good participation from the coaches, and it will be a good time for everyone.”

Heaton also agrees with how it gives exposure on what each team is doing.

He said allowing the coaches to speak and answer questions will give people an outsiders look in on what is going on.

“It really allows people a chance to know what’s going on with each program,” Heaton said. “It lets them see things from a different perspective. Anytime you have a chance to publicize what you are doing is a positive for your program.”

The coach’s show will air from 5 p.m. until 7 p.m. Thursday nights on Legends 105.1 WPFL.

The Advance will weigh-in weekly with the football happenings around Atmore.