GECA begins preparations for next production

Published 4:45 pm Sunday, August 15, 2010

The casting has been made and rehearsals have begun for the The Greater Escambia Council of the Arts’ production of “Arsenic and Old Lace.”

The Council had to cancel their summer production due to problem in casting. This production is well under way in rehearsals and will be ready for the opening performance in September.

“Arsenic and Old Lace” has been a favorite with acting groups since 1944 when it was first shown. It is the story of Mortimer Brewster and his new bride, Elaine, who go to visit his elderly aunts, Martha and Abby, and his brother, Teddy, who thinks he is Theodore Roosevelt. He yells “Charge” every time he goes upstairs because he is charging up San Juan Hill.

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As crazy as Teddie is, Aunt Martha and Aunt Abby are not far behind. They have taken to putting just a little arsenic, strychnine, and a “pinch of cyanide” in elderberry wine, and serving it to elder gentlemen “to end their pain and suffering.” “It’s one of our little charities.”

Theodore buries the bodies in the basement as he digs the “Panama Canal.”

All of this makes for a comical play, which will have the audience laughing in hysterics.

The cast is made of Abby – Patty Castleberry, Martha – Sharon Poulsen, Mortimer Brewster – Mike McMorris, Elaine – Charity Moore, Teddy Brewster – Phil Johnson, Officer Brophy – Jerry James, Jonathan Brewster – Norm Boyd, Dr. Einstein – Nathan Lindsey, Dr. Harper – Dusty Mason, Officer Klein – Tony Benauer, Officer O’Hara – Tommy Standifer, Mr. Gibs – Tom Jeter, Lt. Rooney -Jo Downing, Dr. Witherspoon – Pam Dees, stage manager – Wanetta McGinty, and front of house – Linda Mills.

Phil Johnson is directing the play with Mitzi Dixon serving as assistant director. The first show will be Sept. 17.

For more information, go to the Web site or email