New A.C. Moore teachers settle in

Published 1:09 pm Monday, August 30, 2010

Students are not the only ones who have gone back to school recently. Two women have found their way back into the classroom, but this time they are going to school as teachers.

A.C. Moore Elementary School has seen two first-year teachers join the faculty for the 2010-11 school year.

Principal David Nolin said the two new faces are proving to be a good addition for the school.

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“Having these teachers here is a plus for us,” Nolin said. “They are adjusting to the world of work well and are off to a good start.”

Cindy Scott joins the faculty as a fourth grade teacher for one of the seven classes of fourth grade students at the school.

“Cindy is a new teacher that is taking the place of a teacher that retired last year,” Nolin said. “She replaces Carolyn Hawthorne who had more than 30 years of teaching to her credit. She is doing a good job for us.”

Kari Jo Richburg is teaching one of the eight classes of third grade students at the school, Nolin said.

“We added a teacher to the school this year and she is filling that position for us,” Nolin said. “We are thankful to have her as part of our faculty.”

Scott, a graduate of the University of Mobile, is humbled by the acceptance she has found at A.C. Moore.

“I am so glad to be at A.C. Moore,” Scott said. “All of the teachers here have been helpful and kind. It’s been a good experience and I don’t believe I would have gotten the help if I had been at any other school. Everything is going well and I’m enjoying being here.”

Scott received a bachelor’s degree in business administration and returned to school to earn a master’s degree in elementary education.

Richburg, a graduate of the University of Alabama, said getting settled in the classroom has been interesting.

“For us to be in our third week of school, things are going well,” Richburg said. “I’m getting into the groove and working out a routine.”

Although Richburg said she is educationally prepared to teach, the additional work is something that has to be an on-the-job learning experience.

“At college they teach you to teach,” Richburg said. “But there are so many things that can’t be taught in college. Things like all the paperwork and behavior issues you just have to learn as you go. Getting into a classroom for yourself and getting settled has been a challenge, but it has been interesting. I’m enjoying being here very much.”

Nolin said the two first-time teachers aren’t the only new faces at the school for the new year.

“We have a new teacher in the school in our special education department,” Nolin said. “Ashley Hughes has joined our faculty here this year, but she has been teaching for a while. She transferred to our school from Rachel Patterson. She is new to our school, but she isn’t new to the teaching profession.”

Nolin said the faculty and staff at A.C. Moore are off to a good start with hard work for the nearly 300 students served at the school.

“So far we have 284 or so students in school,” Nolin said. “Our teachers are already working hard for our students. All of our teachers are doing an excellent job with their classes. We are excited about the new school year.”

A.C. Moore Elementary School serves students in the third and fourth grades as well as some special needs students. The school is located on Beck Street.

Kari Jo Richburg, a new third grade teacher at A.C. Moore, works with her students Thursday afternoon. | Photo by Lisa Tindell