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Don’t forget to ‘fall back’ Saturday night

With the return of fall, so comes Daylight Savings Time.

Everyone one in the United States will set his or her clocks back one hour on Sunday, Nov. 7. The official time to “fall back” is 2 a.m. when most people are sleeping, so you will need to set your clocks back prior going to bed Saturday night.

So for those who enjoy their sleep, you will gain an extra hour Saturday night unlike when you “spring forward” in March and lose and hour of sleep.

According to reports, Daylight saving time first hit the US in 1918, primarily as a way to conserve fuel that was needed for the war effort. Adjusting the clocks is still touted as an energy-saving exercise, but some people are skeptical of the claim.

The twice-annual time changes are also promoted as good times to check batteries in your home’s smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.