Moving closer to winding down 1966

Published 9:19 am Wednesday, November 10, 2010

We will soon wind down our final look at the year 1966. In fact only a couple of columns remain depicting events, people and places from that year.

In early November our area escaped a fast moving snow blizzard from the north dropping a scattering of flakes in and around Atmore. But some areas north of us, particularly in central and north Alabama were not so lucky as snow piled up a foot high. That information was made available to us through one of the nation’s most reliable weather sources. That same service, by the way, is predicting a dry and mild winter from now through March 2011.

Cliff Bethea, well known merchant and cattle owner, retired from the cattle business in July selling off over 240 of his prize Herefords. Buyers came from throughout the south to bid on his herd. Mr. Bethea was a long time owner of Cliff’s Cash and Carry grocery store.

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Jan Akins, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Akins was selected “Miss Flame,” the queen of Atmore’s Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary.

Ernestine Miniard of WATM was chosen chairlady of the Christmas Seal Drive representing West Alabama Tuberculosis Association. She and husband Tom also received Federal Communication approval to add 29,000 watts of FM power providing broadcast reception to additional outlining areas.

Mickey Cannon, ECHS basketball star, was selected to play in the Region One All Star basketball game at the University of Alabama.

Robert Maxwell, local attorney and co-chairman of the Escambia County Republican Executive Committee, presided over a meeting here that featured U.S. Congressman Bill Dickenson.

The Pensacola Chamber of Commerce named George Van Pelt “Young Farmer of the Year”. He and his brother, Jim, operated a 664-acre dairy farm in Davisville.

The Little League coaches and managers that year were: Sterlin Fancher-Bank of Atmore Warriors; Carl Copeland-American Legion Eagles; Heron Hall-Lions Club Cardinals; H.E. Ward-Rotary Club Tigers; John Bachelor-Maxwell Haley Cubs; Tom (Famous) Bradberry- First National Bank.

Kwik Chek advertised coffee for 49 cent for a one-pound can and Piggly Wiggly sold three cans of orange juice for $1. The Strand Theater held over “Arabesque” a movie starring Gregory Peck and Sophia Loren. Another popular movie that year was “The Ten Commandments” starring Charles Heston.

John Daniel, local insurance agent added Travelers Insurance to his line of property coverage.

Hilbert Hall, son and Mr. and Mrs. Junior Hall of Poarch, took top honors in a project involving Conservation of Natural Resources. The 4-H student was also active in the Jr. Cattleman’s Association.

In some current news you are now becoming adjusted to Daylight Savings Time with your timepieces having been set back one hour. It is interesting to note that this time concept began in 1996 with President Johnson’s signing “The Uniform Time Act”. It is also interesting to note that dates for DST have changed a few times over the years. And, a few states do not even recognize it.

I read where ESPN and BCS game sponsors are pleading for everyone in their organizations to bow down, cross their fingers, hold their breath and pull for the Auburn Tigers to garner a perfect season. Why? Well, if they don’t TCU and Oregon will square off against other in the big championship game in January.

That game, pitting those two teams, would draw TV ratings lower than MSNBC. In fact the game, according to some, would be so unpopular that Chris Wallace and Keith Olbermann should be hired as the key broadcasters. Not even the slimmed down “Yellow Man” would want to insert his “yo de la eo” commercials in a TCU Oregon match up.

Auburn must run the table and get into that cherished game, just as Alabama did last year, for everyone concerned to be happy. It’s sad that TCU and Oregon have such little national appeal.

Did you know that Pontiac would discontinue making their cars? They have joined Oldsmobile who also have shut down operations. Who knows, one day these cars may be a premium. It might be a good idea to hold on to them.

One Internet writer has an interesting article about Nick Saban. He says there is a “Nick Saban Syndrome” floating around.

He describes why some adversaries seem to dislike the Alabama Crimson Tide coach, adding that most people regard Saban as the most liked and respected coach in America. Yet, he says Saban’s photogenic and Hollywood-type personality and appearance draws ridicule from those who have an opposite appearance and personality. I agree with this writer 100 percent. Who else could have portrayed a better role than he did in the movie “Blindside?”

He also writes that Saban’s name is misspelled more than any other coach. For some reason they want to spell it “Sabin.” That writer also says “this football season ain’t over yet.” In fact he says there are some “trap games” on the horizon for a couple of SEC teams in the chase for national prominence. (Can you locate the misspelled word I used in this column?).

Next week we will take one of 2-3 final looks at the year 1966.

Lowell McGill is a historical columnist for The Atmore Advance. He can be reached at

This week Lowell talks about Atmore natives in the news. | File Photo