Murder suspect charged again

Published 9:46 am Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A man accused of capital murder won’t be getting out of the Escambia County Detention Center any time soon — thanks to his actions against a corrections officer at the facility.

Jonathan Brian Fleming, 26, had his $150,000 bond revoked this week after he allegedly assaulted a corrections officer at the at the Detention Center.

Escambia County Chief Deputy Mike Lambert said Fleming had been unruly at the facility for several days, causing problems for staff and other inmates.

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“He had just been causing problems for the jail,” Lambert said. “He had been purposely flooding his cell and being generally unruly. On Dec. 21, as he continued to cause problems, one of our corrections officers made entry into the cell to help stop him from making more problems. When our officer entered the cell Fleming hit him in the head with force.”

As a result of Fleming’s actions, he was charged with assault on a police officer, which is a felony offense, Lambert said.

“We presented the information to the courts to have his bond revoked on the murder charge,” Lambert said. “That request was granted and he is being held now without bond.”

Fleming has been in the custody of the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office since his arrest Dec. 9 when he was charged with the capital murder of his mother, Angela Susan Fleming. Both the suspect and the victim were residents of 805 McGowin Rd. near the Damascus community.

Fleming was arrested after sheriff’s officials arrived at his house in the Damascus community and found him preparing to leave the home. Lambert said Fleming’s mother’s body was wrapped in a rug in the back of the suspect’s truck.

Lambert and Smith said they believe Fleming was preparing to dispose of the body and try to flee; he had clothes packed in a borrowed vehicle at the scene.

Officers had received a tip on the night of the arrest that the incident had taken place from a caller who suggested Fleming had solicited help in disposing of the body.

The rifle believed to have been used in the shooting was found on the property at the McGowin Hill Road home near a shed behind the house.

Jonathan Brian Fleming.|Submitted Photo