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Students need education

Dear Editor,

What is happening to our schools? Our Middle School has gone from having five days of learning to four days and on Friday they have a revised schedule where classes are 20-25 minutes long. Then they have dances after 12:30 p.m. for the children, which costs the parents $2 for the children to attend and if they want to attend out of uniform it costs an additional $1. Last time I checked, we have uniform codes for all the children to be the same, but then when out of uniform you don’t want your child to be singled out so you pay that money. Also, our children’s education should come first and always before a dance that takes place every Friday during school hours. This should go on after school if they want to hold this type of activity and not during school when our children should be learning. Our children are already out at least one time a month; they should be learning, while they are in school not having social events during school hours.

I have also done research and this is the only school that has dances every Friday or some type of event every Friday, I have called every school in our county. What happened to teaching our children?

Carla Walden