Timing isn’t always perfect

Published 10:21 am Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Last month’s passing of an additional sales tax in Atmore might not be cause for celebration, but as is evident by increasing prices in everything from office supplies to gasoline and other fuels, the increase in sales taxes was necessary.

Although city officials have taken criticism for the previous purchase of the Rivercane property we hope citizens will consider a few points before continuing to criticize our leaders.

When the Rivercane purchase was made the future seemed bright with plenty of potential for growth. Growth that would have brought additional revenue to the city of Atmore with retail shopping, hotels, restaurants and so much more. Also, at the time of the Rivercane purchase, the cost of real estate was good making the purchase a sound investment for many reasons.

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Let’s face it, if you bought a vehicle two years ago and you lost your job, you can bet the finance company would want their payments coming in regularly. You didn’t buy that vehicle two years ago with no intentions of making more than 24 payments. But, the timing was off. You can only hope that a new job and a new paycheck will come in allowing you to continue to pay for that vehicle you plan to drive for years to come.

Just as you planned wonderful things with your vehicle, city leaders planned (and still plan) wonderful things with the Rivercane investment.

Too many times comments on The Atmore Advance Web site have been about shopping out of town because of cheaper prices.

The next time city officials feel it necessary to raise taxes or increase fees for services, ask those who shop out of town if they enjoy police protection, or fire protection, or the fact that their garbage gets picked up twice a week.

If they answer yes, ask them to pay up by shopping at home and giving OUR city that tax revenue. Let’s not point fingers because timing was off.

Invest in Atmore’s future by continuing — or beginning to shop at home.