Show pride by joining cleanup

Published 11:48 am Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Trash, garbage, rubbish, litter, debris — just a few of the terms we use to describe the unpleasant view down the roads and highways that run through Escambia County.

With this week’s vote to approve a mega-landfill by the Conecuh County Commission, the idea of being surrounded by garbage is at the focus of many citizens in this county.

With the current clean up initiative in Escambia County many residents have taken to the highways and byways to help pick up and properly dispose of trash thrown from vehicles that travel through the area. Many more volunteers who have an aversion to rubbish is needed to make a bigger mark on ridding the county of discarded cups, food wrappers, cans, bottles and you-name-it thrown along the roadside.

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Through the work of volunteers, Escambia County commissioners and concerned citizens some clean up is already evident throughout the county. One commissioner in particular took the time to walk a stretch of roads in the Canoe area to pick up discarded trash. Over the course of a couple of hours, he was able to fill a bag with debris. Revisiting the same stretch of road less than a week later, another bag was filled.

The fact that one stretch of roadway was cleaned and only a few days later was cleaned again, shows those who drive along our highways continually dump on the area. When the same area continues to have trash and litter pop up day after day it is evident that pride is sorely lacking.

We hope that those who volunteer their time and sweat to rid our roadways of debris won’t be discouraged by the litter bugs who create the mess seen by those who travel through our county.

As citizens of this county we encourage everyone to keep a container in their vehicles for litter than can be thrown away at home or other trash receptacle. If you don’t have a container in your vehicle, we encourage you to give the litter a ride to your home and dispose of it properly.

The theme “Don’t Drop It On Alabama” should be centered specifically for our area. We hope that those who have an opportunity will join in the efforts to clean up Escambia County. Taking pride in our city, county and state can be contagious – we encourage you to stat an epidemic.