Braves edge Flames 9-7 in MLK action

Published 9:18 am Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday night featured a heated battle between two Martin Luther King Little League teams as the Braves slipped past the Flames 9-8 at Houston Avery Park.

The Flames opened up the game at the plate and took the lead quickly with two runs as Ashanti Tolbert (0-for-1,3R) and Dimitri Wiggins (2-for-4, 3R) crossed the plate.

The Braves cut the Flames’ lead to one run in the bottom of the second inning as Frank Gulley (0-for-1, R) made his way around to home plate, but the Flames extended their lead back to two runs with Wiggins scoring his second run of the game.

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Trailing 3-1, the Braves tied the game with Jordan Patterson (0-for-2, 2R) and DeAnthony Gulley (0-for-1, R) scoring runs.

In the top of the fourth, the Flames added three more runs from Damon Lewis (2-for-3, R), Tolbert and Wiggins giving them a 6-3 lead.

The lead did not last long though as the Braves tied the game up again with three runs from Jordan Patterson, Quadarius Russell (0-for-1, R) and Allen Patterson (0-for-1, 2R).

The Flames took the lead one more time in the final inning with Tolbert and Allen Mitchell (1-for-3, R) scoring to put their team ahead 8-6.

The Braves picked up the win, however, in the bottom of the fifth with Keon Myles (0-for-3, R), Allen Patterson and Alexus Russell (0-for-2, R) crossing the plate to give their team a 9-8 victory.

Mets 17

Blue Flames 11

The Mets defeated the Blue Flames 17-11 on June 3 in Martin Luther King Little League action at Houston Avery Park.

The Mets opened the game eight runs in the top of the first as Roddarius Dailey (2-for-3, 3R), Erick McMillan (1-for-3, 2R), Carlos Richardson (0-for-3, R), Jaylan Brown (0-for-3, 2R), Tykee Stots (1-for-3, 3R), Jaquan Morgan (1-for-3, 2R) and Nylai Johnson (0-for-1, R) all crossed the plate.

The Blue Flames responded with four runs of their own in the bottom of the first as Dimitri Wiggins (0-for-3, R), Ameccia Finklea (0-for-2, 2R), Tyrone Blount (0-for-2, 2R) and Demarcus Lawson (0-for-2, 2R) each made their way around the base path.

In the top of the second, the Mets extended their lead with 11 more runs coming across the plate as Stots, Dangelo Parker (0-for-3, 2R), Morgan, Johnson, Daquan Simmons (0-for-2, R), Dailey, McMillan, Brown, Stotts and Parker all scored.

Trailing 19-4, the Blue Flames battled back, but fell short only scoring seven runs with Mitchell, Finklea, Blount, Lawson, Tiara Williams (0-for-2, R), Marvin Lawson (0-for-2, R) and Amirr English crossing the plate. With the final out, the Blue Flames fell 19-11.