Farmers invited downtown

Published 9:48 am Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Having access to fresh fruits and vegetables can help with eating healthier and area residents will have that access this weekend.

The Atmore Area Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring a Market in the Park event Saturday at the downtown park at the First National Bank and Trust location on Nashville Avenue.

Sheryl Vickery, Chamber director, said the event is planned as a way to offer an opportunity for local farmers to make their wares available to area residents.

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“We wanted to give the local growers a place to come together to sell the produce they have grown locally,” Vickery said. “This event will also give the area residents a chance to come together to support these local growers.”

Vickery said the event, which will begin at 7:30 a.m., will feature a variety of items produced on local farms and in local kitchens.

“There will be plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits as well as fresh cut flowers at the park,” Vickery said. “There will also be other items like local honey and syrups. We even have some vendors who will be offering homemade preserves and pickled items. There will even be some fresh baked goods as well. That means there will be something there to suit any taste.”

Vickery said the event will continue until 11 a.m. and will be filled with something to entertain and delight those who venture into the park.

“We will have some live music from 9:30 to 11 a.m. with Abby Akins playing a little folk music,” Vickery said. “We also plan to have some children’s activities to keep the young people interested.”

Farmers who typically offer their produce for sale at the Farmer’s Market adjacent to Atmore City Hall have been invited to join in the Market in the Park event, Vickery said.

“We wanted to get some interest in what our farmers have to offer and we thought this would be a great event to do that,” Vickery said. “We plan to host a second weekend of this event on June 25. We have invited all of the farmers who are usually set up at the Farmer’s Market to join us at the park for this event.”

Vickery said she hoped the two weekend events would bring more awareness to the Farmer’s Market location as well as support the farmers in the area.

“We want to do our part to encourage support for our local farmers and producers,” Vickery said. “We are a very agricultural area and we thought this would provide an opportunity to heighten awareness of the availability of locally grown produce as well as bring attention to our Farmers’ Market location at City Hall.”

For those farmers who would like to participate in the Market in the Park events planned for June 18 and 25, Vickery said there is no charge for space at the park.