EA searches for dual enrollment funds

Published 5:15 pm Thursday, August 11, 2011

Escambia County juniors and seniors may see a slight — and hopefully temporary change in the dual enrollment program this year.

EA Counselor Bobbie Sasser said students who are interested in participating in the dual enrollment program with Jefferson Davis Community College are now facing the cost of the program.

“Funding for dual enrollment was lost when the Neal Trust dissolved last year,” Sasser said. “Right now the students will have to pay for the classes themselves if they are interested in the program.”

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Sasser did say that a search is on to secure funding to make the program available to juniors and seniors at the school at no cost to the students.

“We are actively searching for funding to cover the cost of the program for the students,” Sasser said. “We hope to get funding in place for that in the near future. Right now, we are doing everything to make that happen.”

The customary process to become a part of the dual enrollment program remains the same, Sasser said.

“Students will have to take the placement test for the program,” Sasser said. “Once that test is completed students can participate in the courses offered.”

Sasser said typically, history and English classes have been taught in the dual enrollment classes.

“We have typically seen speech, Western Civilization I and II as well as English 101 taught in the program,” Sasser said. “The teachers typically come to our campus to teach those classes to the participating students.”

Sasser said she knows how lucky the school has been to have had the opportunities for dual enrollment available to students for so long.

“We certainly understand how fortunate we have been with this program and the funding,” Sasser said. “We certainly hope that we can make arrangements to continue the program with new funding.”

Carol Bates, dean of instruction at Jefferson Davis Community College, said every school in the county has an opportunity to be a part of the program.

“We are working with every high school counselor in order to make this program a reality for each school,” Bates said. “We have two classes scheduled for the fall semester and they are full at this time.”

Bates said college instructors are making special arrangements to make the classes easier for the students.

“We have made arrangements for our teachers to teach the classes beginning at 7:30 a.m. on class days,” Bates said. “We appreciate our teachers and their enthusiasm to make this dual enrollment program work for everyone.”

Dual enrollment classes at Jefferson Davis Community College will cost each student $760 in tuition and fees for the two classes offered in the program.

Criteria to be accepted into the program includes a B average in completed course work, a student in tenth, eleventh or twelfth grade, placements tests completed and passed and written approval from counselor and principal at the students school, Bates said.