Mediacom to make digital changes

Published 8:21 am Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Those individuals who have kept old analog televisions in order to watch broadcast channels may be in for more changes as broadcasting technology continues to make advances.

Mediacom is switching its entire lineup of cable channels to a digital broadcast, company officials said.

Tom Larson, Mediacom’s group vice president of legal and public affairs, said this is another logical step not only for television but for the Internet.

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“This is a good next step,” Larson said. “Years ago television was all analog, but digital has come a long way, making the analog programs we watch obsolete. Beginning in 2009, televisions were all changed over to digital, but some people were left with their old televisions and using adapters in order to receiving programming.”

The change will affect the channel lineup but will also require an adapter for customers using analog televisions.

“This is all a process of transition,” Larson said. “There is a lot of content that people could be using, but they are unaware to know just what all they can get on their home televisions. There will be many more channels available for television, and the Internet will be a lot faster. We want to enhance and show why digital is so much better.”

Larson said the changes will also mean faster Internet, more television channels, more high-definition channels, and better picture and sound quality.

The planned transition will move channels 23 through 80 to a permanent digital home.

Customers with older televisions that were manufactured before 2007 and have no built-in digital tuner or those who don’t have a Mediacom digital receiver will need a digital adapter in order to continue to see the content on those channels.

Customers using Medicom will be able to receive three adapters free until Jan. 30, 2013, giving them time to see for themselves the difference in digital television, Larson said.

Each additional adapter beyond three will cost $.99 beginning Sept. 15, 2011.

Beginning January 31, 2013, a fee of $.99 per adapter will be added to the customer’s bill. All new customers will see a fee of $.99 per adapter on their monthly bill upon signing up with Mediacom.

“Customers will have the time until 2013 to try the new adapter and see why digital is so much better,” Larson said. “We want to make the change as painless as possible while showing how much better digital television really is.”