Remembering 9/11 shows respect for lost

Published 8:39 am Wednesday, September 7, 2011

As we head into this weekend, the 9/11 tragedy that hit home for some many 10 years ago will be remembered by groups, organizations, churches, schools — practically everyone in the United States.

Although the tragedy of more than 3,500 lost lives that day occured on the other end of the country, we here in Atmore were also touched by the events of that day and the ones to follow.

Nearly 10 years after the war on terror was declared by then-President George Bush, one of our own lost his life in war-torn Afghanistan.

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Although Travis Nelson didn’t die when those two planes hit those buildings in New York City, he most certainly died because of it.

We encourage residents to fly their flags, salute those who are honored in ceremonies if given the opportunity and to remember what was lost and is being lost as we continue to battle against evil.

We hope our country never again experiences such a great loss of life at the hands of the enemy. We honor those who have been lost to those who seek to destroy.

May we never forget.