APD warns public of vehicle burglaries

Published 10:13 am Monday, September 26, 2011

The Atmore Police Department is cautioning the public to be mindful of vehicle security following a rash of recent burglaries around town.

Police Chief Jason Dean said the thefts have not involved any damage to vehicles but rather consist of property stolen from cars left unlocked.

“We’ve had an increase in some vehicles that have been gone through,” Dean said. “The people that are doing these burglaries are not busting out windows are anything like that, they are just pulling door handles, finding the ones that are unlocked and pilfering through them.”

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Dean said APD is currently following leads but are asking for the public’s help in reporting anything out of the ordinary.

“People need to make sure they put any kind of valuables up. Of course, if they see anything late at night or in the early morning hours I want them to call the police department.”

Dean said APD has seen similar crimes in the past and were able to arrest and convict a suspect, putting an end to the thefts, but added the subject has recently been released from prison making the recent streak of burglaries “ironic.”

Dean said the burglaries have not been relegated to one area of town but have all occurred late at night or early in the morning and typically involve vehicles parked outside of homes. He added, as the investigation continues, there are several simple ways people can protect themselves against property theft.

“It’s just common sense stuff,” he said. “If you have anything in your vehicle, please make sure you hide it or tuck it away or take it inside, but also, people just need to be aware and lock their cars.”
Dean said he would like to urge the public to alert APD to any and all suspicious behavior.

“If people hear anything out of the ordinary late at night, I don’t care how minute they may think it is, I want them to pick up the phone and call the police department.”