APD recovers stolen property

Published 12:23 pm Wednesday, April 25, 2012

APD police chief Jason Dean, right, helps Chris Hughes load a go-cart that was stolen from his home Monday night.

A local resident’s stolen property was returned to him Wednesday morning after officers with the Atmore Police Department located it in a filed near the home, but police chief Jason Dean is still cautioning people to keep an eye out for suspicious behavior following another theft in the same area.

Atmore fire fighter Chris Hughes said a go-cart was taken from a closed shed behind his home near Rachel Patterson Elementary School Monday night.

“I walked out that next morning and got in my Tahoe and everything was pulled out of the glove compartment,” Hughes said. “That’s when I looked up and saw the four-wheeler was out.”

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Hughes said the thieves apparently moved the four-wheeler in order to get to the go-cart. He said nothing else from his vehicle or home appeared to be missing, but did report finding two bicycles that appeared to have been abandoned in a ditch in front of his home.

Dean said the thieves most likely left the bikes in favor of pushing the go-cart away from the home but appeared to have given up and left the cart on the east side of a vacant field across from RPES. Dean said the theft of a bicycle from a home in that area was also reported Monday night.

Although Hughes’ property was recovered, APD officers said they don’t have a suspect in the theft. Dean said it would be good idea for residents to be on the look out for anything they might find odd around their homes, adding he felt it was too much of coincidence that these thefts have taken place during local schools’ spring break, a time when many teenagers may find themselves with more free time than normal.

Hughes said he appreciated the quick response and the work of APD in recovering his property.

“My kids are probably going to be writing you a note,” he joked with Dean.