Atmore: A city I’ll miss

Published 2:36 pm Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I really didn’t know how to start this column when I sat down to type it out.

My thoughts were bouncing off the wall on what to say or who to thank, but there is so much more to it then that.

This Friday marks four years since I made the move to Atmore to begin my career, and what a young career it turned out to be.

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Now, the time has come for me to leave the place I have called home.

I have experienced more in four years here in Atmore than I had ever thought I would have.

The teams I have covered have had ups and downs; reached state semifinals and provided my coverage with talented student-athletes.

The voices of college and professional athletes have graced the tape of my recorder and given me plenty to write about.

College prepared me for a career, but Atmore really helped teach me about being an adult and even more about life.

Without the people around me though, I would not have been able to do it.

I really have to thank the people that put me in this position and helped me excell. Adam Prestridge, Michele Gerlach and Kerry Bean all

taught me things that helped me with the Advance and I owe a lot to them.

My coworkers Allison Brown, Blake Bell, Bub Gideons, Elizabeth Hendrix, Sandi Boone, Michelle Smith, Mary Claire Foster and Stacie Spencer, you are the family that helped me survive when I was so far away from my own. Thanks for being there to get me through the easy days and the hard ones. I’ll miss all of you.

There are so many more people I have to thank, but I’ll keep it brief.

One group in particular that I’ll always be grateful to are my Atmore Lions.

When I came into this club, I was the youngest member and by far the most naive. Through all that time, I watched how each of you were devoted to the club, and I grew a new found respect for it.

All of you are the ones that helped me grow during my time here in Atmore. I’ll never forget any of you or my buddies on the Christmast float committee.

Murray Johnson for helping me understand the importance of youth baseball and what it means to this small city.

Betty Warren, thanks for the love and kindness that you showed me all four years. Even when I was behind on getting to EA to take a picture or getting married even though you were in love with me.

To my coaches and athletes, I appreciate all of the cooperation in getting stories and pictures done. Without you there would be no sports section.

Finally, to the city of Atmore, thanks for letting me call you home for all of this time. Looking back, I know that I’m a better person because of it.

Farewell, Atmore, I’ll miss you.

Chandler Myers is sports editor of The Atmore Advance.