Cops: Tip line could help curb crime

Published 1:39 pm Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Following the shooting death of Atmore business owner Kendrick Dortch last week at his auto detail shop, the Atmore Police Department is urging residents to utilize the department’s anonymous tip line in hopes more information could stop future crimes before they happen.

The tip line provides an anonymous alternative by which individuals can relay valuable information to officers concerning illegal activity occurring inside the city limits of Atmore, APD officials said.

APD officials said the line is a safe, effective way for citizens to provide information that could lead to arrests and prevent crimes from happening all together.

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“This anonymous tip line has been in place for many years to receive information from those individuals who are reluctant to become involved in reporting criminal or drug activity,” an APD release on the line reads. “Callers may choose to leave information anonymously or may leave their names and phone numbers to have an investigator contact them.”

Calls received on the tip line are recorded on an answering machine and reviewed periodically by APD personnel, who distribute the information to the proper units, in some cases, initiating criminal investigations.

APD officials urged that, as is the case with any police telephone line, there are criminal penalties for providing false information or using the phone line in a harassing manner.

The line is also not to be used in cases of an emergency and residents are urged to simply dial 911 in such circumstances.
Officials said the line is a vital cog in the law enforcement machine that could potentially put an end to many crime-related incidents in Atmore, but said, first, people must make the calls.

“Crime prevention cannot be achieved by the police alone. Law enforcement officers must work hand-in-hand with the public to fight crime and neighborhood disorder throughout the community.”

Atmore Police Department anonymous tip line: 251-368-3784 (368-DRUG).