Bluegrass, new ideas and watch out for flying knives

Published 3:08 pm Thursday, August 23, 2012

Some weeks I have trouble getting my column kicked off.

And this is one of them.

A potpourri of ideas is what I need. One of my Sunday school class members told us yesterday he was leaving to go to another class. We asked him why. He replied, “I have trouble hearing our teacher.” We asked him if had considered hearing aids…but he didn’t hear us.

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I have so much difficulty writing in a contemporary vein. I am too far removed from that young age group.  Your parents and grandparents can identify with us, I bet. I don’t know how to write about modern day music, TV shows or meals. Yes meals. I have asked my family several times to “let’s go to Morrison’s….just do it for me.” But no, they want to go to fancy out of town Oriental eating places where they throw knives at you and feed you rice, rice and more rice. Or they want to take Ouida and I to “Out Back” where ceiling acoustics do not absorb the loud chatter from all the young folks. I suppose I shouldn’t complain. And, I am not, really. Why complain? It’s free.
After all, we have some excellent eating places here in town. And Big Dave tells me the new Creek truck stop will feature a nice family restaurant. He also tells me more eating establishments are projected near the casino. Boy, those Creeks are entrepreneurs of the highest. Now Tribal members do not chastise Big Dave. He is your most enlightening ambassador. We also can set our watch when he comes in for our afternoon gossip sessions.

Speaking of casinos, my granddaughter is having her wedding reception in that charming ballroom operated by the Creeks.  Now, some of her friends have an excuse to fulfill thatdesire to “drop a few quarters.” Stop right here. You know I am only jesting. And I may be in trouble making such a premature announcement.  Perhaps it is best that I precisely extricate that last statement. In other words, I take it back, with the exception of her most assuredly having the reception there.

I could stop right here and invite you to my Facebook page where I initiated an idea of reviving those resonant sounds of old time radio. But, then again, I fail to recognize that my younger audience may not appreciate music and recording artists from those days.

Facebook posters leave little doubt on their college football favorites. Murray and his family give you the impression that it is going to be an “Auburn year”…that’s OK. Tom Gerlach counters with his Crimson Tide posts (me, too). All in all good fun by All. By the way Tom, you should be “chefing.” That’s too much talent to lie dormant.

Jerry Cochran has the right idea. Put your ads on Facebook. If I had a retail business like his I would do. It’s free.

Finally have you ever watched blue grass bands on TV? I don’t care for modern country but I do like bluegrass, as well as songs that contain real harmony. But those bluegrass guys and ladies struggle around that one microphone. They shuffle, bump into each other, dodge one another waiting their turn in an effort to address that microphone. I think someone is going to be bumped in the eye by a wayward fiddle bow if they are not careful.  Joking of course. I do have a solution. Add more microphones.

Well this has been one of those days, finding it very difficult to arrive at a subject to write about. It’s like a phrase I learned in either a high school or college English class. “And ten dull words oft slip into one low line, ”(count the words) which means something uttered but nothing said.

I believe I heard that in a presidential address the other night.

Perhaps next week things will be better for me.

We will have more news from Atmore’s yesteryears in our column next week.

“…yes,….. it always whispers to me…those days of long ago….”

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