Candidate’s words seem to seek to divide community

Published 5:40 pm Saturday, August 25, 2012

* Editor’s note: Due to errors in printing, this letter to the editor is being republished. We apologize for the errors and are happy to set the record straight.

Dear Editor,

In his bid for election to the office mayor of the City of Atmore one of the candidates spoke of “a few wealthy or influential people who are ensconced in appointed committees in city government.” Not being sure of the meaning of the word ensconced I turned to the Webster’s dictionary; and I was disappointed to confirm that the word means hidden, concealed, sheltered, placed comfortably, smugly or securely.

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The candidate went on to define those people as “elitists,” and he stated, “that they enjoy the aura of their secret powers.” These references are unseemly; they are untrue; they are patently unfair; they are ill conceived; they are unnecessary; they are demeaning; they are mean spirited; their use reflects poor immature judgment; and moreover they are downright tacky.

In his broad-brushed condemnation the candidate does not name those persons or any of them. Thus one can only conclude that a member of a committee or an appointed board in our city government is guilty of some uncomplimentary or self-serving motivation or agenda.

Does the candidate really believe that Joe Brown, Earl Bryant, Hooper Matthews, Richard Maxwell (my own son), Bob Jones, Ulysses McBride, Kevin Claussen, Debbie Rowell, Shep Marsh, Rex Rose, Tom Wolfe, Alton Watts, Jim Johnson, Mavis Torrence…just to name a few of the “elitists” who serve on city boards or committees, reveal in the “ aura of their secret powers?”

I am reminded of the divisive and reckless efforts in the ongoing presidential campaign to divide the 99% and the 1%.
So I have to say: Come on, everybody, this is Atmore, how about more civility and less innuendo!

Robert Maxwell