Romney wins county

Published 12:16 am Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The big election story is President Obama has been re-elected, but on a local level Governor Mitt Romney seemed to be the more popular choice. Romney carried the popular and electoral vote for the state of Alabama, as well as Escambia County. Romney tallied 9,263 votes in Escambia County representing 62% of votes. Obama received 5,476 votes in Escambia County, which represented 37% of votes.

In statewide races, the key Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court was too close to call at press time. With 79% of precincts reporting, the race was literally in a 50-50 dead heat. Republican candidate Roy Moore had 14,000 more total votes than Democratic candidate Robert Vance, but percentages were identical.

In Escambia County, the race wasn’t quite as close. Moore captured 8,157 votes representing 57% of votes, while Robert Vance captured 6,230 votes representing 43% of votes.

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Another important race involved President of the Alabama Public Service Commission, which was also too close to call. With 76% of precincts reporting, Republican candidate Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh had a healthy but not overwhelming lead with close to 100,000 more votes than Democratic incumbent Lucy Baxley. However the percentage gap was also 53% to 47%.

In Escambia County, Cavanaugh was the winner with 7,328 votes representing 52% of votes. Meanwhile, Baxley had 6,769 votes representing 48% of votes.

Party lines seemed to be somewhat of a factor in Escambia County voting. There were 4,186 Democratic straight party voters representing 55% of those voting solely for one party. Republican straight party voters constituted a total of 3,372, which made for 45% of straight party voters.