Smith to hold town hall today

Published 11:36 am Monday, January 14, 2013

Newly elected City Councilwoman Susan Smith is holding a town hall meeting today at 5:30 p.m. in an effort, she says, to make good on promises made during her campaign for the District 4 seat.

“During my campaign, people told me they couldn’t make it to the city council meetings because they are at 4 p.m., or because they were out of town or for whatever reason,” Smith said. “This is their chance to voice any concerns they have and ask questions.”

Smith said Mayor Jim Staff, other council members and Public Safety Director Glenn Carlee will also be on hand at today’s meeting to help answer any questions District 4 residents may have.

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“If there’s a question about streets, the mayor will be there,” Smith said. “If there’s a question about safety, Glenn will be there.”

Smith said residents are encouraged to come and voice concerns or ask questions about any topic they feel is relevant, as long as they conduct themselves in an orderly manner.

“There will be a process and rules,” she said. “Anyone who has a comment or question must first be recognized by the chair, which is the mayor. They then must come forward to address the mayor, council or safety director. They will be allowed one question at a time so that no one person is monopolizing the meeting. They must also remain orderly at all times in order for the meeting to continue and they need to present concerns, not arguments or confrontational issues.”
Smith said some of the complaints she has heard from residents include concerns over stray animals, noise ordinance violations and overall community safety. She said all of those issues and others can be addressed at today’s meeting.

“I told the people of this district I would give them a voice,” Smith said. “This is their voice.”

Smith said the town hall meeting will not be a monthly occurrence, but may become a quarterly event, depending on turnout and what residents feel is necessary.