Second town hall set

Published 9:40 pm Friday, April 5, 2013

Citizens living in Atmore’s District 4 are going to get a second chance to voice any concerns they might have Monday, when City Councilwoman Susan Smith holds the second of her 2013 quarterly town hall meetings at city hall.

“It’s going to be for people who have any issues that they need to voice,” Smith said. “It will be just like the last one.”

The meeting, scheduled to take place at 5 p.m., following the regular city council meeting at 4 p.m., is the second such gathering this year.

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“What we’re hoping for is that by having these, more and more people will start coming out and participating,” Smith said. “We want more input from the community. That’s the main thing.”

Smith said she has a good feeling about this month’s meeting after some very positive feedback during the first town hall in January.

“Some of the things people were talking about last time was a ditch off Deere Creek road that was stopped up and not running and swings at the park for smaller children to be able to get in and play without the risk of falling out,” she said. “Those things have been done. We also had someone there that commended the city for the street sweeper they have recently gotten.”

Smith said her main goal is to be accessible to the people of her district, but stressed that any Atmore residents are welcome to come and voice any concerns they may have,” she said. “This is a district four meeting, but the public is welcome.”