Do your part to stop litter

Published 11:15 am Wednesday, April 24, 2013

In a town hall meeting earlier this month, residents and city officials tossed around some ideas about how to curb the community’s litter problem.

One of the suggestions was taxing take-out containers — the kind that often end up as trash along the side of the road — to help pay for cleanup.

We’re not sure that’s the answer — in fact, it’s the sort of thing that could backfire on the community in the wrong ways.
But we do need to continue to explore ways to stop litter.

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The chamber of commerce has had an effective education program in place for some time now — we bet you’ve heard your little one pipe up about Tillie the Turtle if you ever dared throw something out that wasn’t in a trash can.

But we need to make sure that education translates to us adults, too.

Litterbugs are not easy to stop — unless they leave a massive dump with easily identified trash or throw something out in direct view of a security camera, it’s hard to find the perpetrators.

We may not be able to stop litterbugs, but each of us can take part this week — and every week, for that matter — to clean up our community.

The “Don’t Drop it on Alabama” anti-litter campaign kicked off last Saturday and continues through this weekend. Coinciding with Earth Day, the county-wide effort gives us a chance to clean up.

If you need a garbage bag to help in the effort, you can contact the chamber of commerce or county commissioner Brandon Smith.