Molly’s best friend

Published 8:55 pm Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Charlie takes a break from playing on his new 11-acre home.

Charlie takes a break from playing on his new 11-acre home.

The question of what will happen to Charlie has been on the minds of many-a-faithful Facebook user in the Atmore area over the last several weeks – although for much of that time, Charlie – a chow-mix dog – was both nameless and homeless.

His saga began on a Friday in late June when Molly Hughes noticed him sitting near a neighbor’s driveway on Sardine road in the Robinsonville community.

“I noticed him on the side of the road just sitting there,” Molly said. “I waited a day and he was still sitting there and then after two days I finally took him some food and some water, but he wouldn’t come up to me.”

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Molly said she thought it was odd that a healthy-looking, well-groomed dog would be alone and staying in the same spot for days on end, so she took to Facebook to see if she could solve the mystery.

“I posted it on Facebook thinking maybe somebody would recognize him,” she said. “I didn’t know if he was just thrown out or what, but he was real skiddish.”

No one responded to Molly’s Facebook inquiry – at least not to claim the dog.

“Other people started going by and feeding him,” Molly said. “I left him some bowls for food and water and I would go by there and his dog bowl would be just slam full. There would be doggie biscuits out there and it was just cool how everybody helped out.”

Molly said she was never able to find anyone who claimed ownership of the dog, so she began to try and encourage people on Facebook to consider adopting him.

“One afternoon I stayed out there with him for about 45 minutes and I finally got him to come up to me,” Molly said. “I played with him and gave him treats. Last Sunday a girl from Brewton went by there late that night and he got in the car with her.”

Molly said it was odd when the dog finally chose to allow a connection with people after waiting in the same spot for so long – seemingly on an unknown master to return.

“I don’t know if he just snapped out of it or what, but he’s a totally different dog now. The girl from Brewton contacted me and told me she couldn’t keep him, so I went over there the next day and got him.

“Molly, who owns one other dog – an English bulldog named Tank – said she didn’t set out to adopt Charlie, which she said the dog must be fated to be named.

“It was kind of funny, but my boyfriend wanted to name him Charlie and I was like ‘no. We’re not going to name him Charlie.’ But the girl from Brewton said ‘I’ve been calling him Charlie,’ which is weird because she didn’t know. So, I was like ‘that’s his name then.’”

Molly said, since making his way to their home, Charlie has settled in and spends his days running the 11 acres around their home.

“I took him to the vet the other day and they said he’s perfectly healthy,” Molly said.
The vet also told Molly her new best friend is between a year and a half and two years old, with a lot of time in his future to thank her for all she did to find him a new home, including, ultimately, sharing her own.

Molly said she would like to thank the many people who responded to her Facebook posts and helped feed Charlie.

“It was great to see there are so many people out there that care about animals,” she said.