Atmore Dragway race results

Published 9:34 pm Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Saturday, Aug. 10

Bracket 1
Round: E7
Freddie Fails over Terry Vickers
Round: E6
Terry Vickers over Zach Jernigan
Round: E5
Zach Jernigan over Johnny Holley
Terry Vickers over Heath Fillmore
Round: E4
Zach Jernigan over Steve Wilkins
Terry Vickers over Julius Pruitt
Johnny Holley over Zach Allen
Heath Fillmore over Billy Pierre
Freddie Fails over Taft Edge
Round: E3
Steve Wilkins over Jamie Alexander
Dakota Lowery over Zach Allen
Terry Vickers over A.J. Skipper
Billy Pierre over Jason Kirby
Heath Fillmore over Danny Paul
Zach Jernigan over Rick Eisenzimmer
Freddie Fails over Dustin Mack
Julius Pruitt over Greg Dearmon
Taft Edge over Matt Nowling
Round: E2
Dakota Lowery over Kim Smiley
Danny Paul over Freddie Fails
Dustin Mack over Heath Fillmore
Terry Vickers over Chuck Flynn
Jason Kirby over Taft Edge
Billy Pierre over Lake Moye
A.J. Skipper over Zach Allen
Jamie Alexander over Matt Nowling
Steve Wilkins over Richard Dunn
Julius Pruitt over Malcolm Tanner
Greg Dearmon over Rick Eisenzimmer
Johnny Holley over Michael Jordan
Round: E1
Freddie Fails over Michael Jordan
A.J. Skipper over Malcolm Tanner
Jason Kirby over Tommy Whitten
Terry Vickers over Zach Jernigan
Taft Edge over Chuck Flynn
Jamie Alexander over Ronal Jernigan Sr.
Heath Fillmore over Dustin Mack
Matt Nowling over Kim Smiley
Hulius Pruitt over Richard Odom
Johnny Holley over Danny Paul
Zach Allen over Lake Moye
Rick Eisenzimmer over Richard Dunn
Steve Wilkins over Dakota Lowery

Bracket 2
Round: E7
Larry Moore over John Vance
Round: E6
Larry Moore over John Stacey
Round: E5
Larry Moore over Mark Mack
John Stacey over Hugh Cole

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Round: E4
Mark Mack over Stennis Roberts
Hugh Cole over Rick Justice
John Stacey over Thomas Holley
Larry Moore over Chad Craft
John Vance over Darryl Paul
Round: E3
Darryl Paul over Jennifer Stacey
Mark Mack over Steve Daly
Stennis Roberts over John Nichols
Larry Moore over Jamie Nowling
Rick Justice over Clint Holmes
John Vance over Matt Nowling
Hugh Cole over Harvey Enfinger
John Stacey over Rick Thomley
Thomas Holley over Danny Stacey
Chad Craft over John Kitsos
Round: E2
Jennifer Stacey over Hugh Cole
Mark Mack over Stennis Roberts
Thomas Holley over Danny Stacey
John Vance over Barry Lintner
Chad Craft over John Stacey
Steve Daly over Roger Ward
Larry Moore over Barry Garman
Rick Justice over Wesley Miller
Clint Holmes over Melissa Brown
Jamie Nowling over Rick Thomley
Harvey Enfinger over John Nichols
John Kitsos over Matt Nowling
Round: E1
Jennifer Stacey over Barry Garman
Mark Mack over Jamie Nowling
Hugh Cole over Larry Moore
Chad Craft over Steve Daly
Stennis Roberts over Roger Ward
John Nichols over Rick Justice
John Kitsos over Wesley Miller
Darryl Paul over Thomas Holley
Danny Stacey over Harvey Enfinger
Rick Thomley over Barry Lintner
Matt Nowling over Clint Holmes
John Stacey over Melissa Brown

Bracket 3
Round: E4
Chris Curry II over Thomas Ardis
Round: E3
Thomas Ardis over Joanie Stacey
Chris Curry II over Travis Stephens
Round: E2
Thomas Ardis over Amanda Dotson
Joanie Stacey over Josh Brown
Travis Stephens over Joe Heberlein
Chris Curry II over Tommy Pickern
Round: E1
Chris Curry II over Tommy Pickern
Joanie Stacey over Travis Stephens
Joe Heberlein over Josh Brown
Thomas Ardis over Amanda Dotson

Round: E5
Chase Flynn over Kendall Baker
Round: E4
Kendall Baker over Alex Healy
Round: E3
Kendall Baker over Zack Heathcoe
Alex Healy over Landon Hatcher
Chase Flynn over Christpher Stanle
Round: E2
Zack Heathcoe over Evan Johnson
Kendall Baker over Griffin Hatcher
Alex Healy over Lane Scott
Chase Flynn over Christopher Stanle

Round: E1
Kendall Baker over Zack Heathcoe
Landon Hatcher over Evan Johnson
Alex Healy over Griffin Hatcher
Christopher Stanle over Lane Scott