Now is the time to make your new resolutions

Published 11:39 am Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Have you made your New Year’s resolution yet? If not, this is the week you should do so. You could do like some by making a list and putting it on Facebook. Or making a list and throwing it into the trash can.

I read where one man resolved to shovel snow from his neighbor’s drive in Miami. And, one lady vowed to not talk back to her husband when he found excuses to take out the garbage. Try adding more Facebook friends or defriend some of those you already have. You may want to do what one lady I heard about, resolving to change political parties.

Seriously, there are some helpful resolutions you could make. Try getting more organized in your everyday activities, or lose weight. You could try sleeping on a softer bed. But don’t be like the woman who made two new resolutions. In her first resolution she vowed to stop spreading rumors about her closest friend, and in resolution number two she vowed not to pay attention to her first resolution.

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I am sure all of us will vow to “just get along with each other” and make our environment a better place to live.

Looking back over the past 75 years, many of us here recognize the influence the city of Mobile has over us. We marveled at the opportunity of traveling through the tunnel after its construction in the 1940s. The mere thought of driving under the river was a thrill beyond explanation while it caused a great deal of anxiety and claustrophobia for others.

We shopped there in those World War II days at stores like S.H. Kress Department Stores (Kresses), Woolworths and Mobile Rug and Shade. We took our families to eat at places like Constantines, Morrisons, Wentzel Oyster House, Palmers Seafood and even the little “Tiny Diney on Highway Ninety.”

Many made the 50-mile one-way trip to work at Alabama Shipyards and Brookley Field. My dad made that Brookley Field trek for 25 years. We found enjoyment touring beautiful Bellingrath Gardens and the exclusive interior of Saenger Theatre.

Now, Mobile is poised to bring excitement and employment to another generation. Yes, thanks to France, Airbus has made Mobile its “Home in America” and thousands will benefit from all the jobs that it will offer. Those jobs will actually begin later in 2014 then flourish the following year when actual productions of those commercial planes begin.

Those who have prepared themselves with trade school and college courses will be first in line for these fine paying jobs. And, you know, here is something you probably did not know. The French people take great pride in using workers who have the ability to express themselves in writing and conversation. There will be jobs for some who excel in these areas. Of course there will be jobs fitting a variety of categories, with the exception of “walk-ins from off the street” with no formal or technical training.

Yes, our contemporary generation can look forward to a productive, enjoyable and bright future with what Mobile will offer for years to come.

Now let’s take a look at some news from 1966.

George Scoggin, the manager of Thompson’s Fine Clothing, was elected president of the Atmore Jaycees.

W. H. Horton retired as principal at Davisville School and moved back to his home in Union, Mississippi. His wife, Bernice, also an educator, retired that year.

Andalusia edged out our Little League All Stars in a District Tournament held here. Members of that team were Randy Hall, John Bachelor, Clint Smith, Curt Donaldson, Frankie Dailey, Gilbert Gorum, Larry Smith, Freddie Troutman, Mike Garrard, Don Ward, Julian Thomas, Jimbo Walker, Damon Bell and Charles Wood. The coaches were John Bachelor Sr. and Heron Hall. One of the things I remember about this team was following them throughout their tournament games with my friends “Mutt Ward,” Big Johnny Woods and Houston “H” Smith. Those friends avidly enjoyed watching their sons play on this team.

Former ECHS basketball coach, Frank Cannon, took a job as physical ed instructor at Yancey State Junior College (now Faulkner State Community College).

Here we are at the end of another year and the beginning of another new year. Here’s hoping you all have a great new year with satisfaction, opportunity and great expectations coming your way. We lucked out without a hurricane, but this absence and the law of averages lay the groundwork for an active storm season, especially with an active La Niña season on the horizon. Hopefully our area will be spared serious storm activity this year.

Next week, I will have more news from days gone by.


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