Sunday’s storm hit my house, but we’re doing OK

Published 7:14 pm Tuesday, March 18, 2014

On the day following our tornado event, I suppose I should be glad I have my electricity back and my roof “tarped.” Heck, I should be real glad I still have my life.

Right now, I am waiting for the power company to come back to shut off the electricity again, for the purpose of checking out our electrical outlets and getting proper service restored.

It hit around 8 a.m., with a “thud” caused by the large falling tree. I was in my office reading the paper on the Internet when I heard the noise and Ouida’s frightful scream. Running to the bedroom where she was when the tree came through, the windows in the front of the house cracked and one front wall and floor seemed to sink.

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As you can imagine, I am writing under adverse conditions so today’s column may be somewhat less nostalgic and perhaps a little shorter in length.

I did not realize there was so much to do following an event like this. I am trying to get it all together, hoping my insurance adjuster will be tactful and will take in consideration the fact unsettled nerves should be a valued part of my policy. I have never dealt with a “Staff” adjuster before. I really prefer an independent adjuster. But, at this stage I will not be choicy (Is that a real word?)

My three sons, two granddaughters’ husbands and a devoted neighbor took control after we were hit and coordinated the tree removal, boarding up, and replacing electrical wiring. The wiring had to be properly reestablished before Alabama Power connected our service.

The service was temporarily restored around 8 p.m.

I have never seen such a parade of sightseers on our street. I thought one time I would have to send out a grandson to direct traffic. After all, the main attraction was a huge tree blown in the big bedroom, destroying the roof and exterior walls. I need also to mention the kindness of so many others. Tom and Missy Tschida brought bottled water and several friends brought food. Even our pastor came wearing his overalls, ready for work.

Our TV was knocked out and we missed those stories that some have told us were shown over the TV stations. I will go online later and take a look at those stories. Boy, much of the day was spent with the TV guys and gals. It must have been a quiet news day for them to spend so much time at my house. One friend sent me an email stating “I bet you have an inflated ego today with so much TV exposure.” I replied, “At my age you don’t have an ego complex.” Yesterday was so hectic, I really do not remember what I discussed with the TV reporters.

I do have one bit of nostalgia. When the Channel 3 man was here, I asked him about Jimmy Cruise of Huxford. He left WATM and went to WEAR in Pensacola back in 1967 and worked there for a number of years. Unfortunately, he was unknown to the TV rep and I have not heard from Jimmy in several years.

I’m glad that twister did not have time to spin longer and gather more strength. Had that been the case, I am sure more property damage would have occurred.

Well, I see the power company is back and I must shut down my computer and electricity for now. I don’t know how long we will be down. So, today’s column will be short, unfortunately, But I’ll, hopefully, be back in normal format next week.

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