New jobs are a very good thing

Published 5:55 pm Tuesday, August 12, 2014

It’s definitely an exciting time to live in Atmore.In the past several weeks, Walmart has opened, bringing more than 150 jobs with it. In addition, Muskogee Technology recently announced an expansion of its manufacturing facilities, which will mean at least 20 to 30 new jobs initially and the potential for another 70 more within the next 12 months.

And today, Taco Bell will open its doors, providing employment for dozens more people in our community.

Certainly there are those from big cities who might scoff at the idea of a “fast food restaurant” as being an economic boost. But tell that to the cashier who now has a steady paycheck and previously did not. Any new jobs are a reason for excitement in a town like Atmore, and hopefully this positive economic news is only the beginning.

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• It’s hard to believe that high school football is just weeks away. In fact, Escambia Academy will be in a pre-season scrimmage this Friday at Glenwood.

There’s also a lot of excitement and intrigue surrounding the Escambia County High School program, which is about to start its first year under new coach Royce Young.

No matter which team you support, I hope that you attend the games and cheer hard. These kids are representatives of our community and they deserve a good crowd every night.

• School is back in session in just a few days, which means that buses will once again fill our highways.

Please, everyone, don’t be impatient and reckless when driving on the same road as a stopped school bus. There’s a good story on Page 8A that explains the laws motorists should follow. I recommend that every driver should read it.

Remember, it only takes one small mistake to lead to a big tragedy. Let’s all slow down and ensure that this school year is a safe one.