Hurricane activity may start to increase

Published 4:23 pm Tuesday, September 2, 2014

We have reached that time in the current hurricane season when activity is at its highest — the 45-day period from Sept. 1 through Nov. 15. We can expect several tropical formations to form during this period.

With El Niño not doing what it was earlier predicted, some experts are saying the Gulf could catch some of this activity. It has been somewhat quiet in the area for the past few years. Up to six waves could form in the Gulf or move into the Gulf, some are predicting.
A layer of high pressure still lies north of storm paths, steering potential storms further westward.

This is the first time in the last four to five years that such steering currents have been like this.
We all were regrouping nine years ago when Katrina soared west of here, causing record setting destruction in Mississippi and Louisiana. And, how can we forget Hurricane Ivan in 2004 that smashed through the heart of Atmore. Even still, Hurricane Frederic remains fresh in our minds from its Sept. 12, 1979, trek onto Alabama’s Gulf coast. Cross your fingers for the next six weeks and hope we dodge impacts from the tropics.

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Well, the SEC Network got off to a good start with some very exciting games. The network was filled with many established names and former coaches like Gene Chizik and Mack Brown. Tim Tebow captured most of the spotlight, somewhat hogging the camera and denying Paul Finebaum his fair take.

Some great games were featured, as well as impressive documentaries. One thing missing was commercials. I saw several public service ads but not as many sustaining commercial ads. Ask any website owner or newspaper publisher and he or she will tell you the importance of advertising. You fool only yourself if you do not have sufficient advertising. But, rest assured, ads galore will soon flow into this new SEC Network.

I normally delete ads that pop up in my emails but I am glad I kept one of them. It is the Old Brooklyn Lantern ad. This amazing lantern has LED bulbs that last for 1000,000 hours. I found this source of light comes in very handy for beaming light into dark closets, dim spaces and walking around the yard at night. It only cost $12.99 and comes with free shipping. I am sure it will come in handy if ever we get hit by another hurricane. Hey, I am not a spokesman for this item but I merely wanted to tell you how I am impressed with it — especially the low price for such a great value.

In other news, did you realize the great state of Florida has more unemployment than Alabama? A leading Florida newspaper reported recently that “The Sunshine State” has hit a record unemployment of 12.2 percent last spring.

“Hundreds of thousands are out of work in that state,” according to the newspaper. If folks continue to migrate to this great state, I look for it to start sinking into the Atlantic Ocean or Gulf of Mexico. All these transplants from colder climates and other areas are flocking mostly to south Florida. And, many of them are making Florida their permanent homes.

Here, now, is a dab of news and events from 1970.

Dutch Dietz, a former Atmore resident, landed a prestigious job as a glamour model in New York. She was the great niece of Mrs. E. D. Fore of Atmore.
W. C. Barrineau of Barrineau Park was named Florida’s “Farmer of the Year.” He was known to many businessmen here, as he did much of his business in Atmore.

The 1970 Escambia County Singing Convention hosted a five state “sing” in Brewton. This is better known as “Shape Note Singing” performed in A cappella style (that is, singing without instrumental accompaniment). D.V. Johnson, president of the county chapter was master of ceremonies.

I am happy to write about a new band that captures a diversity of music styles. They are called “The Hot Club of Cowtown.” That’s quite an unusual name for such a talented trio of musicians. Elena James, Whit Smith and Jake Erwin not only warble distinctive harmony selections but contribute, as well, with their instrumental accompaniments.

Based in Texas, this group is booked up to the hilt with engagements all across the country. Their music is a nostalgic reflection of greats like Bob Wills, Pee Wee King, Spade Cooley, Tommy Dorsey, Marty Robbins, Sonny James, Louie Prima, John Scott Trotter, Patti Page and The Sons of The Pioneers.
You can get sample of their selections on YouTube. Give it a spin. I think you will like them.

More next time.

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