‘Hurricane meals’ are actually pretty good

Published 4:15 pm Monday, December 22, 2014

Remember those Emergency Package Meals that were handed out to us following that 2004 hurricane here? Well, I developed such a keen taste for them that I ordered more of them on line. And I am finding them to be just as tasty as ever. Not only are they tasty, but they are quick to prepare. Just pop them in the microwave and you are ready to eat. Or, if you want to take them with you on a trip, camping, etc., just add one of those little “self heating” heaters.

They come in countless varieties and they are reasonable in price. I like the beef stew packet as well as many others. One packet will take care of two people in the category that I buy. You will find breakfast meals, lunch meals and dinner meals. And those desert packages are “scrumptious.” Even breads of all varieties and drinks add to the enjoyment of eating them.

I find several web sites that offer these meals, but I have one particular site with the best bargains.
I told a friend about this and she asked me “how old are these meals? I told her the ones I bought are never more than two years old. You will find some web sites selling them slightly cheaper but they are about five years old. But age really doesn’t matter. They are packaged in such a manner they taste just as good at the end of the package date as when first packaged.

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So, if you want something different to add to your daily meals you may want to order a week’s supply.
Speaking of eating, how many of you ever have “surprise me” breakfasts? That’s what Ouida often does for me. Oh, by the way I want you to know that she is not only an excellent cook, but she is highly innovative in her food preparation. If you want evidence of this, then pull up some of her posts on Facebook.

Just last night she whipped up a real tasty quick breakfast meal. That’s right, we like to eat breakfast for supper on occasions. She popped open a couple packets of red eye gravy grits, placed two well rounded patty sausages in the George, added two slices of buttered toast, added a couple of large eggs into the microwave using that plastic oval egg cooker, opened a jar of fig preserves and boiled up two quick cups of Folgers instant coffee. Not only was this quick but it was so good I toasted another slice of toast to cap off with my preserves.

Another one of her breakfast specials includes slices of thick bacon, scrambled eggs, grits cooked in milk and her hand made biscuits with strawberry jelly. By the way she bakes biscuits once a week and places them in the freezer for quick thawing in the microwave. The biscuits, are so large one can make a complete meal on one of them.

I do not know what prompted me to write about food. Could it be the holiday season? I have noticed several local and area churches promotions of Christmas parties, which are filled with delicious meals. And, this includes my own church. I believe we have been to three nice parties here with overflowing food at each meal. I am sure your church has done the same.

Our column is a little short this week here at Christmas time. So let’s take time for good food, family gatherings and giving praise to our Lord and Savior.


More news next week.

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