Annoying political calls are beginning

Published 4:23 pm Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Telemarketers are busy as bees now infringing into your homes with phone calls touting their favorite candidates. Back in the 1940s-50s this was never heard of as a means of garnering votes.

Back then, we relied on radio, daily and local newspapers to keep us informed about our favorite candidates. We also awaited election returns perched on parked cars as results were written on a giant blackboard anchored in front of Rex Sporting Goods.

But today, it is a completely new ballgame. In fact, candidates are not really into it if they are not represented by these avid callers. But, they always call at a time that is most inconvenient for us. I thought there was a phone number you could call that would prevent unwanted phone calls.

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I know one candidate who regretted a statement he made prior to the election a few years ago.

Tim James stated that, if elected governor, he would cut the salary of Alabama football coach Nick Saban. But, James says he did not say this. He said it was manufactured by the machine that runs his opposition and they used it in their phone spills. And, he may be right. But, this came too close to voting day and followed him all the way to the voting booth.

In addition to this statement, James was still haunted by an earlier statement used in one of his TV ads. He said he wanted to see Alabama driver’s license tests given in English. He also coined a statement “We speak English in Alabama.” Some leading newspapers editorialized this remark under the assumption it may cause foreign businesses to refrain from locating here in the event he became our next governor.

As you all know Alabama is regarded as one of nation’s most prolific states endowed with foreign enterprises. In all fairness to James he has already demonstrated his statewide business successes. Some of the other candidates cannot boast of this.

But those strong willed telemarketers capitalized on these statements and made it the main subject of their invasive phone calls.

Now when they call my home and they ask for me I say “do you want Junior or Senior”? This tends to floor them. When they say I believe I want to speak to Senior I tell them “he is still in the clinic” and is not available. They immediately hang up after this.

You know, I am still waiting on our Chamber of Commerce to recognize Murray Johnson for his excellent efforts bringing folks to Atmore at tournament time. These baseball moms and dads spend a lot of money here during these occasions. I wrote about his diligent work in our community a couple of years ago asking the Chamber to properly recognize him. Perhaps they have recognized him without my knowing it. But if they haven’t, I hope you will join me in asking them again to consider him.

You have heard that old statement, “I wonder where they are now?”. That flashes through my mind quite often. I am thinking of names from the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. Names like Jimmie Cruise, Ed Reeves, Nathan “Jug “Little and Lloyd Furney. Perhaps you know some names from the past that were familiar to us years ago.

I guess you heard in the news last week about the new “slow poke” law going in effect in Alabama.

This means you should merge into the right lane when driving in a passing lane. In other words, move over and let left lane traffic pass you. I know some, and I am sure you do too, who defiantly stay in the left lane. I am not sure why they want to do this. Just, stubborn, I guess. Alabama On Line (AOL) stated last week that troopers are being stationed at known passing areas dishing out tickets to those who disobey this law. This must be true because I noticed two state troopers positioned along that passing strip just east of Perdido Creek on Highway 31.

Now, let’s take a look at some news from 1967.
The Pipkin Brothers, Marvin, Zelma and James sold their Pepsi Bottling Company to Hooper Matthews. Known for the tasty Grapette, the brothers operated this firm successfully for several years.

Housewives, and husbands, too, were elated by the introduction of the microwave oven. Alabama Power Company and sales manager James Norris welcomed dozens to watch the oven in action. Those in attendance enjoyed their very first microwaved hot dog.

Joe Sneed departed Atmore after a successful and lengthy service with The Bank of Atmore and Will Adams, a 117-year-old Atmore resident, was feted by family and friends with a grand birthday celebration.

The Perdido-Splinter Hill Bogs were recognized by a national floral magazine. The bogs were famous for their unusual tropical-like plants. And, avid gardeners and plant enthusiasts still visit these bogs
today during springtime.

Brooks Memorial Church announced plans for a new and spacious church on McRae Street.

There will be more next week.

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