Jet-black hairdos are getting popular

Published 4:34 pm Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Black hairdos. Not black hair, but JET black hairdos. That seems to be the trend nowadays for some successful TV personalities and movie stars.

I assume these folks dye their hair to retain this deep color. And, that’s all right, if they do. It makes them look good and I suppose they feel it keeps them looking younger.

Some of those coming to mind are The Good Witch lady, The Good Wife lady, one of The Two Broke Girls, an area female news co-anchor lady and Nick Cage, the actor who recently made a movie about a bus in Mobile. It seems each time I see these people, their hair is darker. Would not they look a lot better letting their hair grow into the salt and pepper stage? That is what I do.

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But you must consider my age. Perhaps I am wrong. Perhaps their hair was not helped along by a non-Mother Nature addition. This may just be just their normal hair color.

I can remember back in the early 1940s — a family who came to our spring, which flowed at the bottom of two beautiful foliage-covered banks, to wash their clothes … and their hair. The lady in the family had jet-black hair and it was because she dyed it at the spring each week. The other family members had normal-colored hair without the looks of dye. As a very young boy, I often watched them wash their clothes in the clear water trickling along its sandy path.

I got a big surprise one day when I saw this woman in a store. This time her hair was completely blonde. You could safely say she went from one extreme to the other. But these dark haired folks I am seeing today are not changing from brunette to blonde. Indeed not. They apparently make their hair even darker. Now, of course there is nothing wrong with this. They have the right to display any color hair they want. I only mention this jet black hair thing because it merely caught my attention.

This new Sling TV which is offered by Dish is growing in popularity more and more each day. I am always reading accounts of their adding additional channels each month. I have written about this new TV concept a couple of times but for those of you who may not be familiar with you can now bring in satellite or cable-like shows on your TV through the internet. And, you get it for only $25 a month.

That beats $75 to $85 monthly cable or satellite premiums. The addition of all ESPN network channels to this package has subscriptions soaring. Let’s say you add a basic $19.95 cable or satellite package to Sling and you have all the TV you need for less than $45 a month. Go on the Internet and Google “Dish Sling” and get all the information you need. By the way, you are not required to be a Dish customer.

Now, let’s take a look at some people and events from 1970. The old L&N depot was dismantled that year to make room for parking at City Hall.

A real interesting story of that year was the celebration of Will Adams’ 120th birthday. Hundreds turned out for his party, including Mayor Tom Byrne, who presented him with a plaque recognizing him as one of the oldest living residents in the United States. Speaking at the event, Mr. Adams offered his sincere appreciation to the Swift family for proving him longtime employment at Swift Mill.

Our youth baseball flourished quite well back then. Coaches and managers of that era included Gene Akins, Bobby Middleton, Roger Dixon, Bill McMurray, Tom (Famous) Bradberry, M.L. Ledkins, William Gorum, Wesley Long and Mickey Kemmer.

Finally, you probably have heard of the Poarch Creeks’ proposed plans to ward off competition if the state tries to establish casinos at the four Alabama dog tracks. I would think they should have nothing to worry about because all they would have to do is free up their slot machines. I am told slot players seem to always find the machines that pay out more money. With such a successful volume of business, Wind Creek could “loosen” their slots much better than state owned casinos.

More next week.

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