What to do when license offices close

Published 10:36 am Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Are you wondering, like I am, what are we going to do if they close our drivers license office.

The outlook is pretty dim right now based on news releases out of Montgomery. Really, what I am asking is where will we go to renew our licenses? Current news about these closings fail to include where we will get new or renewed licenses. Mobile and other larger cities in the state are feeling this pressure now.

As if our governor does not have enough personal problems with his pending divorce we wonder how he will come up with a driver’s license solution. I did read where a plan may be in the works to get licenses online. Perhaps this will help. We also question why he refused to allow The Creek Indians to bail out the state’s financial problems. They offered the state a ton of money but he said ‘NO”.

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Oh well. We will see, I’m sure.

Here’s a fond thank you to Charlotte Boyle for the outstanding work she does for our town, county and state. You may find her in various locations in our 66 District offering advice and solutions to its problems. Distance and time of day or night is no concern for her as you may find her anywhere or anytime performing her duties in a dedicated manner.

The retired school teacher finds time to fill roles within countless organizations. This includes Girl Scouts, Christian care, Emergency 911, Atmore Hall of Fame, Destiny TV and countless other organizations. In addition to all this she finds time each week to teach Sunday School at First Baptist Church. Having received awards from the Escambia Retired Teacher’s Organization, Atmore Hall of Fame and Atmore Chamber of Commerce she serves as scribe to the local Employers Support For The Guard(ESGR).

The sister in law of the late Hugh Rozelle she works parallel with the Poarch Creek Indians.

Hats off to you Charlotte. Keep up the good work.

Now, let’s take a look at some nostalgic happenings from 1955.

Atmore began a “housing boom” that year as people moved here, bought homes, and had a much shorter drive to work in nearby towns, especially to Monsanto and the ‘paper mill” in Cantonment

Many times at the close of our broadcast day and seated on WATM”s rear porch I could see new homes under construction there at the end of East Craig Street. Only a year or so before this, looking out the WATM windows, I could see swaying tall pine trees everywhere. No hospital, no doctors office no drug stores- just “woods. “

Bubber Bowab became affiliated with his mother, Mrs. L.F. Bobab, at the “Economy Shop”. This was one of several family operated clothing businesses in those days.

Johnny Hoehn at “Hoehn’s trading Center” introduced a new tubeless tire. This firm was the Firestone Store and also carried home appliances.

Leroy Wiggins, through Perdido River Soil Conservation Department, presented a unique program to help Northwest Florida farmers better utilize their farm lands. Jack Liles and Langley Bell were two recipients of Leroy’s program.

S.Y Bagley was named new manager of Bedsoles Dry Goods Store. Bill Gordy, the former manager was transferred to a store in Clark County.

W.C. Howell was cited for his outstanding sales with Hines Realty Company and Dr Cecil Thornbloom received an award for “helping those with nervous conditions” in his chiropractic practice.

The First National Bank celebrated 40 years of outstanding service to the community.

Several months ago some of the officials in Baldwin County were stunned by what may be a change in their plans for Highway 83. It was to be an extension on the Foley Beach Express which would provide another storm evacuation route. Initial plans were to bring the route near the second Bay Minette I-65 exit. But a few months ago the Alabama Department of Transportation considered an alternate proposed route that would carry the extension further east concluding at the Atmore exit”.

Now would not this be something if you could one day jump on that highway and drive directly to the Gulf without a traffic hassle?

I see where there is a shortage of pumpkins this Halloween. Agriculture officials said recently “pumpkin raising “was not as prolific as last year. If that be the case you better purchase one early when you find them at your favorite store.

Here’s a question for you. Who had the telephone number (1) one as their home phone number back before Southland Telephone Company introduced the automated phone system?

I’ll have the answer and more nostalgic news next week.